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Life Beyond Amazon? Google? Bellman carts?!?

What happens when you spend most of your time on one business?  The other business may start to notice and feel neglected or sad.  Well, probably not.  But it does seem that way.

For the past six months, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time building up our Amazon business. I’ve been working hard not only on the business itself, but also trying to build up the training needed for a couple of our students and our new sub-business which is run by a partner, but co-owned by our business.  If that sounds confusing, it is.  It involves lawyers, accountants, and all that fun stuff.

But in the meantime, my fantastic sales people have been very active with my e-commerce business of over 12 years now which sells bellman carts online.  But the more you focus on Amazon, the easier it becomes to take your eye off of Google.

Years ago, Google was all I talked about and thought about, practically.  When I worked with a few agencies, I wrote about the Google algorithm changes, Google remarketing, and how Facebook likes affect Google.

But the truth is, Amazon is now as much of an opportunity for online marketers as Google is.  So we’re focused on both.  The trick is spending the right amount of time on both.  Both businesses and both platforms, Google and Amazon.