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Key Points from Sarah Evans at Search Exchange

The Search Exchange conference in Charlotte today opened with a keynote from Sarah Evans of Sevans Strategy.  Sarah has accomplished some great things in the world of PR and Social Media.  Her specific stories and case studies were fantastic.

I’m sure there are others that will blog about her main points.  But of all the things she said, I wanted to comment on the points I benefited the most from.  The points below in bold were hers.  Some of the comments below them are my commentary.

1.  Collect success stories.

She did not specifically state this, but in her discussion about her work with having a weekly chat on twitter about journalism, she mentioned casually that she has been “collecting success stories” on how others have benefited from the chats.  Smart move.

2.  Content and New Media should be PULL marketing, not PUSH.

If you create content (text, audio, video) you should not be with the intent of blasting it to your audience.  It should pull people into what you do.  Nice point.

3.  Personalize the distribution of your content.

Sarah mentioned that she does not distribute content the same way for every message.  Each message should be distributed based on the type of content it is.  This is a lot smarter than just blasting every message everywhere the same way.  (Nice point.  This is not typically done well.)

4.  US News needs to be Portable, Personalized, Participatory

This point was my favorite.  I talked with her about it a little during the break.  Think about the way news has been reported and consumed for years.  The standard model is changing.  People want their news to be where they are, for who they are, and interactive.

Personally, I think this applies not just to news, but to any content.   If you are a content creator, it’s time to start thinking about all three.

Thank you Sarah!

Overall, her comments were incredibly insightful into the world of PR, Journalism, and Social Media.  A big thank you to her for visiting us in Charlotte and giving a great presentation.

(Please feel free to leave a comment below if you were present and wish to thank her as well.)

Social Media Press Release Information

What is the future of the traditional Press Release?

Brandon Uttley gave a fantastic presentation on this very subject at a recent Social Media Breakfast event.

Below is a copy of his slides with his comments listed beneath them.

The Social Pitch: Using Social Media Press Releases To Reach Influencers – Presentation Transcript

  1. The Social Pitch Using Social Media Press Releases To Reach In?uencers Presented by: Brandon Uttley
  2. Typical Press release
  3. Traditional PR Distribution Model In the Beginning PR with press release Journalists Consumers broadcast and print
  4. Traditional PR Distribution Model Pay-to-Distribute PR Wire Services Invented PR with press releases More journalists Consumers (and plenty of cash) broadcast and print
  5. Where Traditional PR Distribution Model Fails People Stop Relying Solely on Traditional Outlets for News PR with press releases More journalists Consumers turn to (and plenty of cash) broadcast and print social networks, online news sources, friends and blogs in addition to print and broadcast media
  6. Modern PR Distribution Model Your PR Content Spreads Through Social Channels Journalists In?uencers Consumers PR with social media release Bloggers and rich social content
  7. The Evolution of News Fueled By Social Media Press Releases (SMPRs)
  8. PitchEngine www.pitchengine.com
  9. Pricing: Build and Share Social Media Releases Create a Social Media Release, host and share it
    Include PR content like videos, audio, images, social links and more
    Share your release with your media contacts via link or email or with thousands of consumers via social sites like Facebook, Twitter and others
    Get tracking (number of views) Cost: FREE (releases expire after 30 days)
  10. Pricing Archive All Your Brand’s Releases Keep every release adding Brand Archiving
    Archive every release your brand puts out
    Grab the RSS Feed (provided) for your releases and share with your contacts, clients and social sites or put it on your site’s news page 
    Each time a release is published, it will remain live and available for media and consumers to ?nd, and for you to edit
    Your release is shared on the PitchFeed which is crawled by Google News
    Cost: $35/month ($400/year)
  11. Pricing Customized Social Media Newsroom (includes Archiving)
    Host all of your releases in a custom newsroom
    Choose from the headline font color that matches your brand identity
    Give visitors a way to ?nd and follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and more ? Each time you add a release using PitchEngine, it will be automatically posted to your newsroom
    Link to the newsroom from your website (or your client’s) for easy access to your news content, contact links, etc.
    Cost: $50/month ($550/year)
  12. PR was always supposed to be about public relations. We’ve fallen into this idea that all PR is about journalists, and it’s certainly not. Social media enables us to reach real influencers who care about what we have to say – as long as we’re genuine and honest.
    Jason Kintzler Founder, Pitchengine.com
  13.  Q&A
  14. Thank You!

The New Rules of PR (Online)

In working on my new book, I’ve been researching a lot of Internet Marketing topics.

Tonight, I was going through my files on Press Releases in order to write intelligently on the subject.  As I did, I thoroughly enjoyed David Meerman Scott’s whitepaper titled “The New Rules of PR”.

You can download a free copy of it at this link:


NOTE:  Whitepapers and Press Releases = Good Internet Marketing.

Read the whitepaper and it will make you think, I promise.

Build links through Press Releases

Tonight I spent some time working on my new book.  In fact, I just finished a great chapter on how to build links to your website.

The next chapter is on how to handle press releases on a website.  As many of you know, PR Web is the industry leader on syndicating optimized press releases so that they will show up around the Internet.

But in my research, I found a bunch of other websites that will distribute press releases.  So I decided to build a list and post it on Hippo Sent Me.  Here is the link to the exact page that lists how to distribute press releases.  I hope you find it useful.

Press and Public Relations Online

After the keynote address by Danny, the Thursday morning session at PubCon was the most challenging to me.  Unfortunately, there were three different sessions that I was really wanting to enjoy.  They were all going on at the same time.  So I found myself walking between the three of them an gaining some benefits from all of them.  I’ll blog about two of them.

The first was about Press and Public Relations online.  Here are some interesting comments from the panelists.

Half of all online users in June 2006 visited (more…)