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Leo Laporte Shows the Future of Media

October 20th, 2009

NOTE:  Sorry this post auto-plays the video below.  I have no choice.  MyContent offers no other way.

The New Media Expo was in Las Vegas last weekend.  From what I can tell online, it was a huge success.

In particular, I especially enjoyed this keynote address by Leo Laporte of Tech TV.  In it, he shows where the future of media is heading.

You see, writing in a blog is easy.  In fact, creating video and recording audio is easy too.  So if someone has something interesting to say and does a great job presenting it, how can he (or she) get that content (media) out to more people via the Internet?

At this point, most people just use iTunes.  It’s not efficient and it’s not mainstream or easy.  YouTube is also popular, but it does not have much of a professional feel.  Also, you need to be on the computer with a browser.

Watching and listening to media should be easier.  (TV and Radio are easy!)

What Leo shows in the keynote below is what he’s done and what he’s doing.  More importantly, he shows what the future of New Media is.

I love it!

PS:  It’s over 30 minutes long, so you may want to bookmark it and watch the whole thing when you have the time.