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Vendors I met at StomperNet Live 7

March 8th, 2009

Here is a couple of the vendors I enjoyed learning about at StomperNet.  There were a few others, but these were the few I thought were worth mentioning.

1.  Infusionsoft is marketing automation software.   In other words, they have an all-in-one solution for not just e-commerce, but for keeping track of your customers (CRM) and following up automatically on all leads.

It seems to be one of the coolest things I saw.  I wish I could magically move my e-commerce sites and design to something like this.  If I could start over, I’d be tempted to do this and automate it.

PS to InfusionSoft:  Your product is awesome.  But the hour-long commercial presentation on Saturday night was kinda irritating.  I really like what you have and would really have preferred seeing some screenshots.

2.  ProtectedPdf offers flexible digital rights management for PDF files.  This was interesting.  I doubt I will ever need it, but it is something a client could ask for.  They don’t just protect it, but also show how many times it is opened and by who.  Cool.

3.  VergePoint is a Web 2.0 Design company.  They have a nice arrangement for getting a website that includes all the bells and whistles.  they can also do most any Internet marketing you may want as well.  Their real advantage seems to be that they can do it all very fast.

They seem to be a good solution to someone that wants to go from nothing to something good and be up and running quickly.