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Search Engine Rankings with Mini-Websites

September 17th, 2008

Yesterday, I had an interesting exchange of e-mails with a local Charlotte Web and Marketing Consultant.  He had found an post on Dosh Dosh regarding “mini-funnel websites”.

The post explained the value of small, one-page websites that draws traffic and dumps visitors out on a more primary page.  Nice idea, but there were a few things I did not agree with.  So I figured I’d share my comments here.

Check out my comments below to learn some quick secrets (and our personal examples) to better search engine rankings.

Yes, the idea of mini-sites definitely has a place in SEO.  It’s probably one of the best kept secrets out there.  However, there are a few thoughts in the article that aren’t quite right.

For example, the keywords in the domain counts for almost nothing.  It’s not the keywords in the domain, it’s the fact that when people link to it they tend to use the keywords as anchor text.  That’s what makes them rank (if they do).

Also, the real power of these is the authority it gives the master site.  There is some minor benefit in picking up easy rankings for “long-tail” keyword phrases and sending them over to the main site (usually an e-commerce site).  But you could do the same thing with a page on your main site quite easily. 

The real power is in the fact that you can make a keyword rich website pointing to the main site.  This gives the main site more credibility (to Google).

Lastly, the mini-sites should not just be one page.  Four or five page sites work better and provide more opportunity.

Check out our hotel luggage cart site and our luxury bell cart site.  These are ugly sites – we made them years ago.  But they bring great traffic and boost our main site’s rankings dramatically.

We make new sites in just hours.  Check out our Glaro Products site.  It took two or three days to create.

BTW, the best software out there for mini-sites is XSitePro

Lastly, the nuts and bolts of how to really do this right is Revenge of the Mininet by Michael Campbell.  He’s the genius.  We bought it about four years ago for $80.  It still works.  Click that link and you can now get it for free. 

This is just a small tidbit compared to the full course we teach on SEO later this month.  I hope you benefit from it.