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L. A. Management Company – I met Lou Amico Yesterday

August 1st, 2007

I got a head start on my networking “surge” for August by attending the Charlotte Chamber “Member Orientation 102” meeting yesterday (July 31).  The program had two parts to it:

  1. The Charlotte Chamber has plenty of research information if any of their members need it.  That’s great.  In fact, I’ve already emailed Erin Casullo (director of research) to see if she can provide me some info we’re needing. 
  2. They have plenty of advertising opportunities available to members (no big surprise).

L. A. Management Company (Lou Amico)

At the end of the meeting, Lou Amico of L.A. Management was one of the sponsors and explained to all in attendance that his company operates locally.  They do multimedia, web, and SEO, among other things.

I had the pleasure of speaking with him afterward.  We spoke briefly about SEO and how it is “not rocket-science”.  I had to agree that in general, it’s not.  Of course, many of the more difficult and competitive phrases can be.  But generally speaking, most people should be able to understand how to get rankings for some of the phrases they desire.  I explained to him that we have upcoming classes to help people learn more about online marketing in case they want to do it themselves.

L. A. Management does SEO for the websites they create.  In fact, they are currently ranking very well for terms such as Charlotte Marketing Company (Google #7) and Charlotte Marketing Company Advertising (Google #1).  In fact, these are probably terms for which they have probably barely even tried ranking for.  Yet, they get them because they have done the basics well.

However, like most web developers I have worked with, you should not judge them by their own site anyway.  Quite frequently, good marketers seldom have the time to work on their own sites.

Outstanding multimedia and video production

Please take a look at L. A. Management’s website.  Just a quick look at their home page will show you how impressive their video production and multimedia is.  The opening video on their home page is extremely impressive.  They clearly know what they are doing.

I attended the Blue Diamond Awards in Charlotte this year.  The work they did with that was quite impressive as well.

In fact, I remember finding their site when I still lived in Asheville and were just starting to plan to move.  I remember being impressed then as well.

Located in Denver, NC

Interestingly, LA Management is located in Denver, NC.  Sandy and I thought about moving there at one time, but decided on our new home in Davidson instead.  It’s funny how our home is actually quite close to their office.  Yet, would take over half an hour to get there because of this big lake between us.

If you are in need of video production and a good multimedia website, we highly recommend checking out LA Management.  Lou Amico is a very friendly guy and I’m sure he’ll treat your business well.

I hope to continue to showcase other good web developers and marketers on this site as we continue our networking – especially this month.