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Lookout! Here comes June 2007!

May 31st, 2007

Today is May 31, 2007.  June is right around the corner. 

Here at Hippo Internet Marketing, June 2007 will probably be the busiest month ever for me and my business.  Here are some reasons why…

1.  I move to Davidson, NC.  Sandy and I need to finish packing everything, pack it in the truck, and move to our new home in Davidson, NC.

2.  My office moves to Cornelius.  Although we will continue to work for our clients in Asheville, I will move my office over on June 9.  Jason will stay back in Asheville until sometime in July.

3.  The new office needs to be setup.  We’re getting a new VOIP telephone system (so we sound more professional), a new MS Small Business Server, and all the other utilities necessary to get our new office setup right from the start.

4.  Cherokee gets a new site!  One of my favorite clients is about to release a brand new content management system, built by one of my favorite web developers, Alec Fehl of Jacalart.  We’ll need to SEO the entire site again.  All new meta tags, page text edits,etc.  I’ll also need to make sure the transition goes smooth.  (They get 100,000 visitors a month and it is peak season – no pressure, right?)

5.  Thoms Estate site needs marketing.  As I mentioned yesterday, the new Thoms Estate site is now up.  We are doing a ton of PPC and everything else that is necessary to get a new site up.

6.  My Asheville Dentist is getting a new site!  As with the others, this is a total rewrite as per the amazing Totsie of Asheville.  She does great work.  But we’ll need to redo most of the SEO to get the great rankings this site already has.

7.  Carriage Doors has a new site.  Same work needs to be done as above.  (Good grief!)

8.  New World Case is building a new site.  Garth (the owner) is a long time friend and client.  His new site will be a full ecommerce site.  We’re using Mountain Media for this one.

9.  I need to start marketing my own sites – especially the new ones.  In particular, I’ll be joining the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.  I’m looking forward to starting to network in a new city.  Especially such a great one as Charlotte!

10.  Jason and I have a bunch of other work just waiting to be done as well.

I think we’ll be ok, though.  I have done a lot of prep for most all of these projects listed above.  I’ve also got a secret weapon – I’m using one of the best local Asheville SEO people I know as a helper.

I hope you have a great summer.  Mine will be crazy.