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Talented Marketers Tap their Network! (Here’s mine)

August 29th, 2012

From time to time, it’s good to step back and take a look at who exactly is in your network.

Now, don’t confuse network with audience.  Your audience includes your followers, your subscribers, and your customers.  It is your sphere of influence.  Your goal is to grow that list.

Your network is different.  It’s those you learn with and learn from.  It is your list of peers that have similar goals to you.  Don’t try to endlessly grow this network.  A good network works best when you know each individual well.  This takes time and effort.

Keep your network small and cultivate those relationships.  Try to include individuals that have unique abilities and that you enjoy being around.  Learn from them.  But more importantly, show that what you are learning.

Here’s a short list of about a dozen of some of MY favorite people to network with on a regular basis.  Several of them are long-time friends.

(Perhaps seeing my list will give you some ideas of who you could network with.)

BILL CUTRER – Fairly new to online marketing, but quickly becoming an expert at social media monitoring, Google AdWords, and more

BRANDON UTTLEY – Talented PR guy turned social media. He’s started and owned a couple of successful agencies and done stuff on his own too.

CHRIS EASLER – Talented at knowing all things Google AdWords, including remarketing & display advertising! Strong background in e-commerce as well

DONNA MARIA COLES JOHNSON – She’s a former attorney who has built and operated a successful online community. She’s also a long-time podcaster.

FIONA DUDLEY – One of the first people I ever talked SEO with. She’s especially skilled at helping small businesses succeed online.

JASON KEATH – As founder and owner of Social Fresh, he’s staying on top of all things social media for business. It always amazes me how well connected he is, in particular.

JON BOLDEN – A fantastic young designer with an incredible ability to always “hit it out of the park” the first time he tries.

JON PAYNE – President of an amazing SEO agency that brings results for their clients. Jon knows SEO at a level most wish they could.

MARK TRAPHAGAN – He’s spending lots of time connecting and succeeding on Google Plus, especially with an eye toward SEO and gaining author credibility on blogs.

NATE KENNEDY – You may not know him. But he’s extremely successful (and helpful) with information marketing and online advertising.

NATHAN RICHIE – The best voice in town. He not only knows the television and radio industry, he owns a podcast and is an active social media professional.

NIKKI STEPHENS – Successful e-commerce business owner with a thirst for learning all things SEO, specifically to improve the bottom line.

PS:  If you’re not sure of how to build a good network or need a network, stay tuned.  I’ve got the perfect solution for you when we re-open Hippo Academy.  (Join our newsletter to stay updated.)