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My 2015 Goals Report Card

What good are goals if you don’t look back at them?

Every year, I try to post on the last day of the year my grades on the goals I set on the first of the year with some comments.  Here’s how I did compared to what I wanted to do…

1. Blog Every Day = A

I’m giving myself an A on this even though I did not do it all year.  I did it the first couple months and it went very well.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.  But after a couple months, I determined that it just is not a good use of my time.

Personally, I still think that writing every day is the best way to improve as a marketer.  Yet, I’m working harder at business and entrepreneurship than marketing these days, so I stopped after a couple months.

2. Focus more on Business & Entrepreneurship and Less on Marketing = A-

I definitely did this.  I’m trying my best to stay up on all things Internet marketing, with a special focus on Amazon in particular.  But I’m more focused than ever on my businesses and doing the best I can with them.

3. Do a Great Job for my Clients = A-