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An Interview With Me on Amazon Selling

Recently, my old business partner, Jason Keath of Social Fresh, interviewed me for his new podcast.  We ended up talking about my thoughts on SEO and how it has changed.  But we also talked about all kinds of other stuff.  For example, we ended up talking extensively about selling on Amazon.

You can learn more about Jason Keath here.  You can see all of the episodes of his new podcast here.

Here’s the episodethat is the 45 minute interview with me. You can also listen to it here…


Amazon FBA Single-Use Coupon Codes

For those of us that are working with Amazon to sell products via FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), a feature is now available that we’ve been wanting for some time.  It is the ability to give a coupon code that can only be used once.  I just found out about it and I don’t believe it’s been available until just recently.  At least my business partner and I did not know of it.


Amazon News Roundup from December 2014

Here are some interesting news items about Amazon in December 2014 along with my comments.

Amazon starts its own line of diapers and baby wipes.
This shouldn’t surprise anyone.  Amazon takes the best selling items and just private labels them.  Can’t blame them for doing that.  By the way, this does not mean money can’t be made doing the same thing for the same product.
See http://recode.net/2014/12/04/amazon-unveils-its-own-line-of-diapers-confirming-partners-biggest-fears/ (more…)

My Goals for 2015

Here’s my business goals for 2015.

(I do this every year.  Writing them down helps me stay accountable to them and hopefully in encourages my readers to do something similar.)

1. Blog Every Day
Actually doing this every workday may be impossible.  But it is my goal and has been for years.  I am convinced that writing is the most important skill to being a good marketer.  Regular writing is extremely beneficial to my business and hopefully somewhat beneficial to my business partners, colleagues, clients, and customers.  But even more importantly, it improves my writing skills.

My goal is to write a page of content (typically a blog post) every day.  I’m using methods I’ve learned from Peter Shallard to help me make real progress on this.  (It’s working already!)

2. Focus more on Business & Entrepreneurship and less on Marketing
After a dozen years of learning and practicing Internet marketing, I’m finally realizing I’m pretty good at it.  Plus, it’s not changing much these days.  SEO is hard and Google is a pain.  Social Media is what it is.  Email marketing is under-utilized.  Nothing new there. (more…)