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My 2014 Goals Report Card

What good are goals if you don’t look back and see how you did?

To hold myself accountable to my goals for next year, I first am going back to my 2014 goals that I wrote on January 2 and see how I did.

1. Stay Focused, Stay Balanced:  A-
Overall, I stayed focused on my personal goals that are more important than my business or financial goals.  But I definitely could do better.  I still find myself thinking a lot about work when I should not be.

2. Train and Delegate: B+
Overall, people were not waiting on me too much.  I did a lot of training, but I don’t ever know if it could be enough.  I need to keep a good balance between learning and training others. (more…)

How to Run an Amazon Business (FBA)

My business partner and I are about six months into running our Amazon business and it’s been an absolute blast learning so much about what it takes to find a product, private label it, send it to Amazon, market it, and collect the money from Amazon.  (My favorite part is that last one about collecting money.)

We’ve made a lot of progress and learned a lot along the way.  But we’ve also put some effort into outsourcing and even laying out the roles and responsibilities.   (more…)