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Charlotte Job Seekers? – Here’s two Opportunities

Even though the job market in Charlotte (and the rest of the US) continues to struggle, it never fails to amaze me how many opportunities there are for those that use the Internet intelligently.

I’m not talking about shopping the job boards, submitting resumes online all day, or chasing every “expert” that has the next get rich quick scheme.


Please Help me Thank Knowmad Technologies

KnowmadI have always enjoyed meeting other businesses and learning from them.

I especially enjoy small businesses with just a few employees.  I think that’s the sweet spot and it’s where I try to keep my business.  They are typically more diversely capable than a freelancer, yet not as cluttered with politics and meetings as a larger business.  They require good teamwork and appropriate leadership.  They can offer comparatively great pricing.  In my opinion, that’s the ideal size.

In fact, I’ve noticed that small businesses (with just a few employees and some contractors) are typically best suited for providing solid, personalized services to other businesses.  When I was taking clients, I knew that 9 out of 10 times I could out-perform and provide more personal services than most of my competitors that were freelancers or larger businesses.

That’s what I like about Knowmad Technologies.