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Reminder: The Yahoo & Bing search merge is happening

As of this week, Yahoo is now starting to show Bing results.

The merger was in the news many months ago, but it didn’t actually happen until just this week.  Yahoo natural search is now “powered by Bing” which is exactly what it says at the bottom of it’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

The paid listings have not completely changed over, but they will soon.

Want to Learn more?  Check these out…

  1. Details from Search Engine Land
  2. Blog announcement from Bing
  3. Official Yahoo Transition Center

What should you do?

If you have a Yahoo Search Marketing account and do PPC marketing on Yahoo search, keep in mind that it will die soon.  If you use Microsoft AdCenter to do PPC marketing on Bing, keep in mind that those ads will soon be able to show on Yahoo search too.

(Chances are that you may not use either.  After all, the share of search for both Bing and Yahoo is still less than half of what Google offers.  Google is the major player in search, by far.  Individually, each of these did not have much to offer.)

However, with the merger happening it may be a good time to try something more than AdWords.  In fact, if you start a new Microsoft AdCenter account and already own an effective Google AdWords account, you might want to try importing it.

I imported an AdWords account into Microsoft AdCenter the other day and it worked fairly well.

Why do Google, Apple & Microsoft Race to be the SAME?

Remember the good ole days?

  • Microsoft made software
  • Google was a search engine
  • Apple made computers

At one time, these 3 were barely competitors (especially Google).  But those days are over now.  All three seem to be wanting to do everything possible, especially if the other two are involved in it already.

Why do they race to be the same?

I’m sure you have your opinion.  So please leave a comment below. 

But first, check out the chart below for proof. 
(It’s just a matter of time before those blank boxes get filled in.)


  • Could it be that the CEO’s just can’t resist the fight?  (That’s my first guess.) 
  • Is there money in each of these that the companies can’t resist? 
  • Is there some other reason?

I welcome your opinions.  Please leave a comment below.

Why I’m Stopping my Classes

At the beginning of the month I announced to my subscribers that I am no longer going to teach classes after next month.  But I forgot to post it here. 

(Why?  Because I combined the announcement with a special discount that was primarily for my subscribers.)

So here are the details as I announced them earlier this month.  (For those of you that subscribe to my newsletter, none of this is new.)

The History of our classes…

In June 2007, my wife and I moved to Charlotte.  One of the main reasons I did so was to start teaching classes about Internet marketing.  We felt Charlotte was a bigger and better market to do so than Asheville, NC.

It proved true.  Starting in early 2008, I have taught about 30 classes.  It’s been a real pleasure for me to meet so many incredibly interesting people and to hear about their jobs and businesses.  I continue to keep in touch with many of them.

But now it’s time for a change.

I’m stopping my classes…

I’ll probably never stop teaching.  I enjoy it too much.  But I am stopping my classes.
(What will replace them?  You’ll have to watch for future newsletters to learn that.)

As of today, I’ve decided that I’m only teaching two more classes.

Thanks for your support…

The last three years or so have been a real thrill for me.  I love the atmosphere of a classroom filled with students that are eager to learn a subject (Internet marketing) that I love so much.

But the work I have to do on my own business is taking priority this year.  Next year, I’ll be announcing some newer, bigger, better initiatives. 

So stay tuned! 

Want to keep up on our new initiatives?

Be sure to signup for our newsletter.  We’ll be announcing them there.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free – Conference & Training!

NOTE:  This offer is now over.  For future offers, please signup for our newsletter.

Yesterday, Jason Keath and I announced that we are doing a special offer to anyone that wants to learn more about Social Media and Search Engine Optimization in Charlotte.

SocialFresh(You can read the press release here.)

If you’re like me, you love learning about this stuff and going to conferences.  But unfortunately, they tend to be expensive –  and far away.  So this is your chance!

Both opportunities are in Charlotte.  You don’t need to travel.  You don’t need a hotel.  And we’ve made the price unbeatable.

HippoJason is offering a one-day ticket to Social Fresh and I’m offering a two-day in person training program.  Each of these normally costs about $400.  But for a very limited time, we are offering both for $397.  I hope you jump on this.

Here’s the details…

Social Fresh Conference –  August 16 in Charlotte, NC.  Details here.
SEO Training by HIPPO –  September 23, 24 in Huntersville, NC.  Details here.

The rules…

Jason and I both wanted to do something a little extra special for Charlotte this year.  But it’s not fair to open it up to everyone.  So we decided to keep it very limited.

Therefore, the offer is available for only 48 hours or until supplies last.

You will be able to signup starting at noon on Wednesday, August 4, 2010.  I only have ten spots available for this class and two are already taken.  Once their gone, their gone!

How to get both…

Simply register at the address listed below.

CoreyOnce you do, I will pass your contact info on to Social Fresh and you will get confirmation that you are registered to attend both events.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Corey Creed
HIPPO Internet Marketing Training

PS:  Registration will open on noon Wednesday, August 4, 2010.  If you’d like a reminder, please signup for our newsletter here.

Once again, here’s the signup page…