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My StomperNet Review – What is StomperNet?

StomperNet LogoWhat is StomperNet?

I’ve been getting that question for years.

StomperNet is often misunderstood.  In fact, some actually have some strong feelings against it, even though they have never experienced it.

So I’m writing this information to give the actual facts, as I know them.  The official StomperNet websites and web pages tend to be very long, scrolling copy.  So I’ll try to answer some questions here (briefly)…

What is StomperNet?  What do they offer?

As of March 2010, StomperNet is owned by Brad Fallon, a well-known Internet marketer.  He is well known not only for his success in e-commerce, but for having excellent connections with other high-end online marketers.

Primarily, they offer a StomperNet Membership* for $197 per month.  It gives you access to training, coaching, masterminds, & tools for Internet marketing.  It includes some level of access to over 20 very smart “faculty members” that have various backgrounds in online marketing.  (NOTE:  I’m not a member.)

StomperNet Live Pages 3StomperNet also offers a monthly magazine called “The Net Effect*.  It costs $50 per month and offers information on Internet marketing, catering mostly to those involved in e-commerce.  (NOTE:  I’m a subscriber.)

Thirdly, they have an annual event called “StomperNet Live*.  This year is the ninth one (SNL9) and it is being held in Atlanta on March 25 to 28, 2010.  It costs $197 to attend and includes one free month of the membership.  (NOTE:  I attended SNL7 last year as a guest.)

Lastly, they have various other side initiatives that you can buy into for additional costs.  For example, they are now offering something for marketing via mobile phone.  They also tend to promote and link to others products outside StomperNet.  These are known as Joint Venture partners (JV partners).

What Others Say about StomperNet

Many intelligent Internet marketers are very comfortable and familiar with talking about Aaron Wall of SEO Book, Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz, Brett Tabke of PubCon and WebmasterWorld, Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Strategies and SMX, and others.

Yet, when it comes to StomperNet, there is a different attitude and feel towards it.  It seems to be more of an insiders club.  Perhaps it is because of the way it is marketed.  I’m not sure.

Overall, there are plenty of opinions out there about StomperNet, especially from those that have never experienced it.  For example, I have heard local people in Charlotte complain that they are spammers and that they can’t be trusted.  That has not been my personal experience so far.

They have recently lowered the price considerably in an effort to be considered more mainstream.  But personally, I think the style of emails they send and the long form copy on their websites (although effective) tends to give them a certain reputation.

Among those that are actual members, the comments are very positive.

Is StomperNet Expensive?

It’s not as expensive as it used to be!  It used to cost about $800 per month.  That’s right, almost $10K per year.  But the price changed dramatically on September 9, 2009 (aka 09/09/09).

Even at $10K per year, many of the actual Stompers (that’s what they call StomperNet members) did not complain.  In attending the SNL7, some are clearly there as a hobby.  But many others are legitimate businesses owners getting good, practical advice in solid Internet marketing principles.  For them, the cost was well worth it, even before it dropped.

Personally, I have been reading The Net Effect for a year and a half.  Let’s face it, $50 per magazine each month is not cheap.  But because my business is primarily e-commerce, I still feel it is worth it.  I have not found any more practical info that will improve my business more that this magazine.  (Honest!)

As for StomperNet Live, the price is downright cheap.  Under $200 for a three-day conference on Internet marketing is very good.  The speakers and site reviews are excellent.  Hotels in Atlanta are not cheap.  But other than that, it’s definitely worth $197.

What is StomperNet Live like?

I attended SNL7 in March 2009.  Overall the event was enjoyable and enlightening.  Some of it seemed a little haphazard.  For example, some speakers seemed fairly unprepared and ran overtime often.  But it was still good.  Some have told me this year will not be that way due to a change in ownership.

I met some very interesting people.  In particular, I enjoyed meeting some other businesses that specialize in e-commerce locally here in Charlotte, NC.  We’ve stayed in touch ever since.

Who should try StomperNet?

It’s definitely not for everyone.  If you have a legitimate online business and want to take it to the next level, this may a great opportunity for you.

To be honest, the value is there.  It is.  The hard part is knowing if you have the time to absorb and use it.  After all, if you are going to shell out the cash for this info, you will want to make the time to practice and work on what you learn.

If you can make the time to work ON your business instead of IN your business, this is a great choice.

Then again, if you find Internet marketing interesting and want to come for fun (as a hobby), go for it.  But that’s not me.  This is not a hobby, it’s what I do to make money for a living.

Why I’m not a Stomper

As mentioned earlier, I do read The Net Effect.  I also have attended StomperNet Live.  But I am not a full StomperNet member.  Not yet, at least.

It’s not because there is not enough value.  There is.  I just have some other projects I am working on first.  As I’ve mentioned on other posts, I have some very significant projects that are taking much of my time right now.  So I have not bothered becoming a full blown StomperNet member.

As for StomperNet Live, I’m still undecided.  The timing is not good for me this year.  So if I can’t make it, I will definitely make the next one.

LINKS:  Here are the links to StomperNet, StomperNet Live, and The Net Effect.

NOTE:  Are you a Stomper?  Have opinions about StomperNet?
Got a question?  Leave it in the comments below.
I’d love you hear your thoughts.

* Note:  As a full FTC disclosure, some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  But the information is the honest truth as I know it.  If you know me, you know this is true.

Google – Something to think about

I’m a big fan of Google.  But here’s a little three minute video that might make you wonder if they are starting to go too far.

What do you think?  Are they starting to go too far?

Thursday Night – Watch In-Person or Online

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