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Five Common Misunderstandings about Google AdWords and SEO

12-3-2009 8-15-00 AMWhenever I start a class on Search Engine Marketing, it is always interesting to see how people react when I mention the differences between Google paid listings and Google natural listings.

The Common Misunderstandings

1.  Not everyone realizes that there are two completely different sets of results showing up when they do a search.  Most know the difference, but not everyone.  The difference is shown in this screen shot.

2.  Of those that do know the difference, at least some feel that one set will influence the other.  “If you don’t pay Google for Google AdWords, they will make your natural listings go away so you have to pay!” is a common misconception.

12-3-2009 8-20-17 AM3.  The next most common misunderstanding is “Nobody clicks on paid listings.  They are just ads.  I never do!”  This one is not hard to refute.  Just because you don’t click on something does not mean nobody else does.  The metrics don’t lie.  You are not your target audience.

4.  If I rank well naturally, I don’t need to do Google AdWords.  Wrong again!  Over and over, marketers have shown that they get more results when they have both natural and paid search engine rankings.  Some of the smartest and most analytical marketers I know have proved that it is financially wise to do both in almost every situation.

5.  What about this one?  “I want natural listings first because more people click those.  Plus, natural listings are free!” 

This is a tricky one.  The reasons are accurate.  (People do click on the natural about 3–5 times more often than paid and they are free – once you rank!) 

However, doing Google AdWords first typically works best.  Here’s why…

In our recent class on “How to Take Clients”, some of my students were surprised that I typically encourage marketers to do Google AdWords before SEO.  Why?  Even compared to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Google Analytics, Google AdWords is a much better Keyword Research tool.

Try taking hundreds or even thousands of keyword phrases you THINK might work well for you and run them all through Google AdWords for a relatively short period of time.  Then notice which ones converted.  Shut everything else off (or try to improve them).  At that point, you know which keyword phrases not only bring traffic, but actually bring sales.

12-3-2009 8-34-23 AMThe final word on Google AdWords…

If you are doing comprehensive Internet marketing, use Google AdWords as a keyword research tool first.  Once you know what works, go out and work hard to rank naturally for those phrases.

Use Google AdWords for Return on INFORMATION, not just Return on INVESTMENT.

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