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Announcing our New Internet Marketing Podcast!

Can’t get enough of us?

Want more news, information, training, and commentary on search engines, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, new media optimization, and more?  If so, I’ve got good news for you, my friend.

Hippo Internet Marketing is now proud to present The Jungle Map Podcast – Your guide to Internet Marketing, because it’s a jungle out there!


The Future of SEO is More Than You Think

Yesterday, I cut December 2008 out of my wall calendar and threw the rest of it in the trash.  All that is left of 2008 is about three or four weeks.  It’s time to look at 2009 instead.

So what is the future of SEO?


AdWords Sending out “Optimization Specialists”

It seems to be that Google is starting to take a much stronger interest in sending out Google AdWords “Optimization Specialists”.

I’ve been handling from five to twenty AdWords accounts now for about five years.  Some of these are quite small, but others are quite large.  I’ve been a Google AdWords Professional for about two years.  In all that time, and for all my clients, I have maybe had one person from Google contact me – EVER!