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Where I’ll be this month

Here are some upcoming events I’ll be involved with over the next month or so in case you want to hear from me or meet me in person.

August 12 8:00 AM

Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce – Business Works Small business seminar.

“Have you been reluctant to use the Internet to market your business because you assumed it was cost-prohibitive?  Or because you are intimidated by the technical knowledge you thought was necessary?  Be sure to join us on August 12th at 8 AM when our presenter will be Corey Creed of Hippo Internet Marketing.  Corey will share with us five tips for marketing your business online at little to no cost.  Don’t miss this one!”


August 13 to 16

Las Vegas – New Media Expo

I won’t be speaking here, but I will be attending and blogging a whole lot.  Stay tuned to The Jungle Map for that week, for sure.  If you are going, please let me know so we can connect.


August 19 6:00 PM

Charlotte Entrepreneurs Organization – Meetup

“The Internet is the future and is here to stay, if your not utilizing it, you are missing out on many opportunities! But how can you use it to market your business effectively and efficiently, especially on a low budget? Internet marketing consultant and trainer, Corey Creed, will share everything you need to know successfully market your website online, avoiding pitfalls and mistakes that many people make. Every business will benefit from these important steps toward online success.

Corey Creed’s classes usually fetch hundreds of dollars, we are very privileged to have him come out and share his knowledge with us for the evening!”


August 25 – 29

Asheville – Richmond Hill Inn

Google AdWords – Minimizing the Costs, Maximizing the Results
Search Engine Optimization – Best Practices Revealed
Blogging – What is it?  Why do it?  How do I get started?

Please click here for more info on these classes.


September 29 – October 3

Cornelius – Lake Noman Chamber of Commerce

Google AdWords – Minimizing the Costs, Maximizing the Results
Search Engine Optimization – Best Practices Revealed
Blogging – What is it?  Why do it?  How do I get started?

Please click here for more info on these classes.

Our New Website and Business Model

Over the past month, we have been redesigning our Hippo Internet Marketing Training site.  I’ve got a fantastic graphic designer working for me and the new design is exactly what we were wanting.

The old site presented some basic information and led visitors to our classes.  Our new site does more than that.

Hippo Training Site

The new site now doesn’t just offer classes, it offers a free subscription membership that allows you to access resources.

The resources will include whitepapers, audio clips, e-books, and more.

Currently, we have a downloadable speech by Andy Beal on reputation managment and an e-book on how to use Twitter.

The next resource we will be releasing will be a whitepaper on how to improve your visibility locally on search engines.

Eventually, we may have a paid membership.  But for now, everything is free.  You simply need to signup.

Ideas on How to use New AdWords Placement + Kw

Yesterday, Google announced that you can now create campaigns for the content network that can be targeted via placement targeting and keyword targeting, not just either one.


Let’s break this down, they I’ll give you a couple ideas on how to use this effectively.

To start with, we are talking about the content network.  In other words, these are ads that will only show up on other websites, not search engines.

We always have been able to use placement targeting.  This means we could decide which sites we want our ads to show up on.  In other words, you could build an ad for your product, but only show it on certain websites.

We have also had keyword targeting.  This was another method of narrowing where your ads were shown.  You could say that you only wanted your ads to show on pages that were about “dog food” or “blue widgets” and Google would show your ad on any sites (in their content network) that are on that topic.

So what’s new?

You can now do both.  In other words, you can create an ad and show it on specific topic pages on specific sites.

Ideas on how to use it…

Shopping Search Engines!  Create an ad specifically for your product line and show it strong on Bizrate, Shopzilla, Shopping.com, Amazon, and Ebay.  These are sites in which people are looking to buy.  Show your ad strong there.

Specialty sites.  Run a Placement Performance Report on your generic content campaigns and find the sites that bring conversions.  Create specific campaigns for those sites and for even more keywords.  Bid strong there.

If you are still confused, think about attending our classes on Google AdWords.  That will help put it all in prospective.

Asheville SEO Training – Coming soon!

Live near Asheville?  SEO Training is coming soon!

Here’s some history…

Hippo Internet Marketing was based out of Asheville from 2003 to 2007 and enjoyed working with many different clients on dozens of websites.  In 2007, we moved to the Charlotte area to begin creating training on how to do SEO.

One of the things I enjoyed most about working in Asheville for so many years is the talented group of web developers I met while there…

Totsie Marine of Totsie.com
Fiona Dudley of Weaversites
Alec Fehl of Jacalart
Dan Kellem of Blue Ridge Solutions
Chris Young of Synergy Point
Matthew Ledford of FastPivot
John Miles, of Integritive
Keith Bowman of FireFly Design
Ty Hallock of Top Floor Studio

In fact, I am very thankful that some of the ones listed above have either attended or sent people to my SEO classes in Charlotte.

But others have requested training closer to Asheville.

So we’re doing it…

We are going to hold our first ever five-day Internet marketing seminar.  The five days will be broken up like this…

  • Mon & Tue – Google AdWords: Minimizing Costs, Maximizing Results
  • Wed & Thu – Search Engine Optimization: Best Practices Revealed
  • Fri – Blogging: What is it?  Why do it?  How do I start?

The dates will be August 25–29, 2008.
The location will be at the Richmond Hill Inn.

Other details (such as pricing) are yet to be worked out and will be posted on our new site soon.

Google’s Flash Announcement – It’s not all that.

Yesterday, Google made an announcement that they learned to crawl Flash.

That is good news, no doubt.  It means that websites that are made entirely in Flash and/or have lots of navigation in Flash will now get crawled a little better.

However, keep in mind why a person uses Flash.  It is typically because they want to use more visible elements instead of text.  Therefore, even if Google is able to crawl visual elements in a Flash component of your site, they will still not be able to know what that “thing” is.

It’s good news, but it’s not all that.

Good websites will always need to use text to some degree or another in order to rank for the keyword phrases they desire.

Click here for Questions and Answers about how Google read Flash.