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Archive for April, 2008

Google’s World Domination continues

Just when you thought Google could not get any bigger or badder, new statistics get released from Hitwise.

The latest search share stats show…

Google – 67.3%
Yahoo – 20.3%
Microsoft – 6.7%
Everyone else – 5.7%

Here’s the graph…


It’s really amazing.  How high are these numbers going to go for Google?  Their branding and market recognition for being the place to go for search seems almost unstoppable.

If you are thinking of advertising online, whey think of anything else?

Start with Google.  Google AdWords in particular, just seems like the first place to go if you want to advertise.

Amazing.  It wasn’t like this just a year or two ago.

SphinnCon in North Carolina – What to expect

Today it was announced that there will be a search engine conference held in North Carolina.  Here are the basic details…

Event:      SphinnCon North Carolina 2008
Date:         May 2 from 10 AM to 10 PM. 

Location:  Greensboro, NC (Between Raleigh and Charlotte)
Facility:    Kress Terrace (212 South Elm Street)

Host:      Third Door Media (creators of Search Engine Land and Sphinn)
Cost:         $150 

Audience: Only 150 can attend.


What to expect: 


Capitalization matters in Google SERPs!

It’s amazing how fast things change when it comes to search engines.

Last week, a student asked me in class if capitalization makes a difference in search engines.  He clarified by asking:  “If you type a phrase into Google, will you get different results if you capitalize or not?”

I made a bold, strong statement that Google shows the same results if you use lowercase or capitals.  No need to worry about that when doing Keyword Research!

Uh…  Well…  Until now, that is.

I just got a tip (from a twitterer) this morning that Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) are showing up differently for capitalized and lowercase keyword phrases.

For example, a search on Corey Creed brings…

Coreycreed image


But a search on corey creed (lowercase) brings…
(Notice the third indented result.  It’s different.)

Coreycreed image2


Upon doing a little research on this, it seems as if it was originally discussed at a recent Webmaster World Forum posting about a month ago.  However, at that time it was only happening outside the USA.

It now seems to be happening now.

This raises very interesting questions…

  1. Why would Google do this?  Is it a new feature or bug?
  2. Are they noticing people want something different when capitalizing?
  3. Do we need to start including both types of phrases when doing keyword research?