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Our First SEO Class in Charlotte NC Area – Done!

Picture 003We just finished up our SEO Class in Charlotte NC.  At first, we had planned to hold it right in Charlotte, but we ended up moving it to the Lake Norman Visitor’s Center and Chamber of Commerce.  They have a wonderful room on the 2nd floor that the rent out.  It worked out perfectly!  Below is a picture of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce.  (It’s located right off Catawba avenue in Cornelius.  We have pdf directions here.)


“I Want to Learn SEO”

So you want to learn SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization was one of the hottest businesses to be in this past year and is slated to be incredibly popular in 2008 and beyond.

Although our Charlotte SEO Company is not taking any new clients and has not in over a year now, we still get calls regularly – especially from Asheville and Charlotte, NC.  People and businesses need help with their SEO.

In fact, just this week, I had a former colleague contact me asking where they can get good SEO.  It seems he had called every SEO company in Asheville and all of them are full and cannot take any new clients.

So why not learn SEO now and do it yourself? 

It seems as if many want to do so.  In fact, a friend of mine recently posted on his blog the very statement:  “I Want to Learn SEO” and he is getting Google visitors that are typing in those very words.


Charlotte SEO Consultant – How I Stay Informed

As an SEO Consultant, it’s challenging to stay informed. 

If you are just learning SEO, please check out our Charlotte SEO class that is coming up quick this month.  But once you know the ropes, what does it take to stay informed?

Over the last five years or so, I’ve tried a lot of things.  For example, early on I spent a tremendous amount of time on forums asking questions and starting dialogues.  I also signed up for a ton of newsletters.

But once you get busy, you can’t read everything.  You need to be more selective.  What I do now is limit my email newsletters, read the RSS feeds when I have time, and attend conferences. 

Another important aspect is podcasts.  These are a great way to stay informed in your off-time (traveling and exercising).

Here’s a run down of what I do…