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The Best Posts of 2007

The year 2007 is almost over.  During the year, this blog had 123 posts.  Below, I’d like to share the 35 that I liked best.

Pay special attention to the eleven in bold.  They are my real favorites.

Perhaps some of them are your favorites too…


How to Use Twitter

For the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with Twitter.

What it is

For those of you that don’t know what it is, Twitter is considered micro-blogging.  In other words, just like you can post a blog post very easily and quickly, you can very easily post on twitter. 


Charlotte Interactive Marketing Association – First Meeting

Last night, the Charlotte Interactive Marketing Association held its first “inaugural social”.  You can learn from the website (linked above) that they are just starting out and are making plans to start committees and develop board and leadership opportunities.

In talking with Dave McDaniel (one of the co-founders), they are looking toward the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association to see how this all might work. 

Dave got with Eric Dudley and Kyle Bumgardner of WebSiteBiz and they all thought it was a great idea.  I’m sure they will work together to make it a success.


Charlotte Search Engine Optimization Class Available!

Our next Charlotte SEO class is now open for online registration.  We are only taking a limited number of students so I encourage you to act quickly.

Discounts apply for all of our clients and colleagues.  We are also offering discounts to Chamber of Commerce members and web developers we know.  So please call or email me if you are able to attend.

All the information you need including the dates, agenda, benefits of attending, location and pricing is available online at http://www.hippoimt.com/seo-training-seminar.html.

Please help us spread the word.  We’re very excited about this one.

The Future of Search: Search 2010

Enquiro Research is the company that Gord Hotchkiss is president of.  They are the people that do the famous eye-tracking studies that have produced amazing insight into how people use the web, search engine in particular.

Recently, they have released a whitepaper and 60–minute webinar on what Search will be in the future.  Some amazing industry leaders share their thoughts.  Check it out.  Very interesting.

How to get more visitors to your website

Several weeks ago I went to a Charlotte Chamber of Commerce meeting.  It was one of their “Entrepreneur forums”.  They had an interesting panel of experts that were talking about how to use technology for a small business.

Early on, everyone on the panel agreed that some of the best spent money on technology is to make a good website that represents your company well and market it.

Someone in the audience asked:  “Once I build a website, how do I get more visitors to it?”  Good question!  I only wished I had been on the panel.

Because I’ve been doing Internet Marketing since 2003, I’ve come up with an excellent breakdown of how to get more visitors and how to get the right visitors.  I’ve broken it down in my free whitepaper into four basic areas.

1.  POSITION:  Search engines bring visitors.  Use Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click Marketing to get higher rankings.

2.  PARTNERSHIPS:  Get other website to link to you.  This will bring visitors.

3.  PERMISSION:  Once you have a visitor, get them coming back by getting them to sign up for your newsletter (or RSS feed).

4.  IMPROVEMENT:  Make your site better and keep it updated.  This keeps them coming back for more and improves conversions.

That’s it!  That’s the basics of getting more visitors.  You can learn a whole lot more in our free whitepaper or in our upcoming classes.  So please be sure to sign up online.

Can anyone really be a search marketing expert anymore?

In a magazine I was recently reviewing, David Rodnitzky wrote a great column with the same title as this post.

His basic point was that in just ten years, search engine marketing has gotten quite advanced.  In fact, there are so many aspects to it that no one can really be a true expert in all of it.

In particular, he was speaking of PPC and it’s so true.  I remember starting out in Overture and AdWords back in 2002…