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Matthew Lighttiser made me buy a MAC!

Well, not really.  But sort of.

For those of you that know me well, you know I’m a bit of a Microsoft fan.  That’s something you won’t hear most people admit in public these days.  But it’s true.  In particular, I’ve been a big huge user of Outlook since the mid-90s.

I LOVE Microsoft Outlook.  I probably spend 95% of my computer-time on MS Outlook and a web browser (FireFox these days).  I use every single feature on Outlook.  I also synchronize it between two computers, a laptop, and my mobile phone using Microsoft Exchange.

I also use a Zune instead of an iPod.  (The only reason is because iTunes refuses to offer a subscription service.)  I use it just about every day to listen to music and podcasts.

What does Matthew Lighttiser have to do with all this?


Argh! My email went down for a whole day!

To all my clients, colleagues, and friends:  Please note that my email was down completely from Tuesday (9/18/07) evening at around 7:30 to Wednesday (9/19/07) afternoon at about 4:00 PM.

The primary (HippoIM.com) email accounts for Sandy, Jason, and Shannon were down too.

If you sent me anything during that time, please resend it.  Everything has been fixed now.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

(By the way, I thought I was really making some progress Wednesday morning when I was working and no emails were coming in to distract me.  But it made for a rough afternoon trying to get it all working again.  I also need to go resend any emails I thought were working during that time.)

Thanks for understanding.

Corey Creed

Charlotte NC Web Developers – Your attention PLEASE!

This week Hippo Internet Marketing is reaching out to Charlotte NC web developers and Lake Norman area web developers in an all-out blitz.

Last week was an exciting week around here.  As we wrote earlier, we opened our doors and kicked things off with three ribbon cutting ceremonies.  That same week, we went live with our SEO training class registration website.  (Special thanks to Shannon for his hard work on that.)

This week we have done some research and collected the contact info for almost 100 web developers and online marketers in the Charlotte and Lake Norman areas of North Carolina.  (Special thanks to Jason’s wife Molly for her help with that.)

The next step is to let them know about us.  We’re mailing them all our new brochure which gives the basic description of our class.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to contact them via phone or in person to get a chance to speak with them.

Even if they choose not to come to any of our classes, I’m hoping they will at least be willing to have lunch or a cup of coffee with me.  (My treat if you are reading this!)

I’m very proud of what our business is doing right now.  I feel strongly that teaching Internet marketing is a noble cause and will be beneficial to our students.

By the way, here’s a Downloadable copy of that brochure I mentioned.  I made it last week and I think it looks good.

How to Track Print Ads Online

This past Friday, I noticed that one of my clients was planning a series of print advertising and wanted to use a different domain name for each of the ads in order to track which ad gets the most attention.

No problem.  This is a common way to monitor the results of a print campaign.  However, if you are thinking of doing this, there are some things to keep in mind.