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The Ultimate Yahoo! ad now?

The other day I mentioned that Google was showing a new kind of ad.  This was showing up above the sponsored listings and even included video from YouTube.

Now I just noticed that Yahoo is doing something similar.  Type “Special K” into Yahoo (or click here) and you will see a new sponsored shortcut.  It’s something they are experimenting with.

Interestingly, Yahoo’s ad is not necessarily identified as sponsored, which is against FTC rulings.  However, they are mentioning that it may be sponsored on the page that explains shortcuts.

Interesting.  All these search engines want money just like anyone else, I guess.  I suppose they will always try to find ways to make more while still keeping their users relatively content.

The Ultimate Google Ad – Now online

If you do a Google search using the phrase BOURNE ULTIMATUM (click here) you will find a completely new type of advertising by Google.  It displays above the natural listings AND the paid listings.  It also involves a trailer video from YouTube. 

Once you click the ad, you are brought to a site that you need to login to using your Google account.  You then can go through the steps to basically play a game “to find Bourne”.

The ad is experimental and is to promote an upcoming movie (which looks pretty cool).

You can learn more about it and see screenshots at Search Engine Land.

In looking at the whole thing, you can’t help but wonder how far Google will go to get advertising dollars.  This is a pretty big move for them.  I’m sure we’ll continue to see more of this.

Google Video looks cool.

Google Video is now available to our clients.  We’re checking it out. 

It looks like a good idea for Cherokee.  They have some amazing video on their home page right now at www.Cherokee-NC.com.  I’m going to try to get it more attention across the web using Google Video and YouTube.

In researching it a little for a couple of clients, here’s are some tips you might find interesting…


Charlotte Chamber of Commerce – What you should know

The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce is pretty amazing.  I attended their prospect meeting last week and about six members of the Charlotte Chamer of Commerce were present to encourage joining.

President Bob Morgan was the primary speaker and honestly, we did not have a lot of questions for him.  So he spent the time talking about the amazing city of Charlotte.  Here’s some statistics…


June 2007 is finally over! Thank goodness!

Welcome to July 2007.  It could not have come fast enough.  As predicted, June 2007 was the craziest month EVER for Hippo Inc.

I’m happy to say that we are now moved into our new home and our new office.  I was actually able to keep up on the most critical client work as well.  Special thanks to my co-workers.

Now that July is here, I can get down to business.  It’s time to start blogging, especially.  There’s a lot to talk about, especially my new Charlotte SEO Training Classes!