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Archive for May, 2007

Google now showing Video within search results

Google has been doing some pretty cool stuff with search results this week.  In particular, over the weekend they started showing video within search results.

Try typing “rat monster joke” or “star wars kid” into Google and you will see options for watching videos within the results.

If you look through the results, you will find both Google Video and YouTube results that you can watch without even leaving the search results.

Nice touch.  I like it.

The biggest change to Google happened today!

Google is practically famous for its never-changing, ever-simple home page at www.Google.com.

But today they made a couple of major changes based on user research.  The changes may not seem like much, but for a website this popular and with so little on the home page to start with, it is a bit of a landmark.

1.  On the home page, they moved the links above the search box to the top left corner.

Google Home