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How to Learn Everything about Email Marketing

Among Business to Business marketers, 29.1% feel that the impact of email marketing is increasing slowly and 40.0% feel it is increasing significantly!  (This is according to a recent survey by Marketing Sherpa).

Email marketing is not dead!  It is still a powerful force in the world of internet marketing and its impact is GROWING.


Glaro Products? Squidoo? What’s that all about?

Many of you may know that Hippo Inc does not just do Internet Marketing.  We actually sell Glaro Products on an ecommerce site.  In doing so, we are much like our customers in that we are trying to get quality links to the site that are on-topic.

I’m happy to say that we finally built a Glaro Squidoo page for our products and we are hoping to see how well that works as a quality link.  We’ll keep you posted.  Jason made it earlier today and I think it looks great.

How to submit your site to Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Ask!

More big news today on getting your site listed in all the major search engines!

Finally, they are now all working together not only to accept feeds, but creating a uniform way to do so.

This is great.  Simply create a line in your robots.txt file that identifies the location of your sitemap.  Like this…

Sitemap:  http://www.TheJungleMap.com/sitemap.xml

and they will find your sitemap and crawl it.  They will accept xml format as well as RSS 2.0 and Atom.  This is very exciting.

Danny broke the news today at Search Engine Land here

New Blog Posting Software

I’m trying out RocketPost blog software. It offers a simple way to create and edit blog postings. Right now I’m trying the 30-day trial. So far so good.

Update:  This software broke again on me.  Not sure why.  I’m using BlogJet now.  Hope it works better.