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Archive for December, 2006

Yahoo Search Marketing – How to Upgrade

Do you do paid advertising on Yahoo?

If so, you need to be aware of their upcoming upgrade to a new platform.

What does upgrading involve? I’ve been working with the new Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) for two days now. I’ve developed a (more…)

Build links through Press Releases

Tonight I spent some time working on my new book.  In fact, I just finished a great chapter on how to build links to your website.

The next chapter is on how to handle press releases on a website.  As many of you know, PR Web is the industry leader on syndicating optimized press releases so that they will show up around the Internet.

But in my research, I found a bunch of other websites that will distribute press releases.  So I decided to build a list and post it on Hippo Sent Me.  Here is the link to the exact page that lists how to distribute press releases.  I hope you find it useful.

The 2007 Hippo Calendar

Today I took a few minutes to look through some of web log files and I noticed an unusual amount of people typing in “Hippo Calendar” and coming to my site.

Why are people typing in “Hippo Calendar” so much?  A little research shows that Sarah Louise Galbraith has created an amazing looking 2007 Hippo Calendar.  This is clearly a woman that knows hippos better than I do.

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that were disappointed to see that my “Hippo Calendar” was simply a list of upcoming events for my company, Hippo Internet Marketing.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Check your log files every now and then.  Who knows what you might learn!
  2. You really should go buy one of these calendars.  I know I will!

Only on the Internet!  How amazing.

At any rate, here’s the link to the  2007 Hippopotamus Calendar!

Update to ordering Asheville Food Online

A few days ago, I posted about food ordering, takeout, and delivery to Asheville.  Here’s an update…

Last night, my wife was hungry and we did not feel like going out.  We ordered online via Blue Ridge to go  and everything worked as it should.  The first time you order, you need to call a specific phone number to confirm your order.  But it allows you to pay online, including tax and tip.

They gave us a time period of one hour to deliver the food.  Sure enough, someone came by about an hour later.  It’s a great service.

I can vouch for it personally now.


New Client Will Build Climbing Walls

Hippo Internet Marketing is happy to announce that we are once again working with one of our favorite clients, Scott Hornick. Scott has a new company named Adventure Systems Climbing Walls.

Adventure Systems Climbing Walls are rock wall builders that will professionally engineer, design, and build climbing walls for schools, gyms, and any number of other places. Check out their (more…)

Broadband Overtakes Dial-Up

Somehow I missed this little news item a few months ago, but J.D. Power and Associates has reported that broadband has overtaken dial-up.  According to the report, broadband accounts for a 56 percent share of residential ISP customers.

Interestingly, the report is primarily an ISP satisfaction survey.  So they also noted that “DSL subscribers are significantly more satisfied than their counterparts who use cable modems to access the Internet.”

I know I’ve tried both and we prefer DSL.