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Come hear Don and I at SCORE this Thursday

This Thursday night, Don Sinclaire and I will be teaching a seminar at the AB Tech Enka Campus.  (AB Tech is the local community college in Asheville, NC.)

If you are interested in attending, here’s the link:  Internet Marketing for Small Businesses Seminar – Asheville NC SCORE.

Don and I always have a good time with this seminar.  He is very knowlegable about marketing on the web and changes his part every time we give it.   Don is a real thinker that stays on top of the subject very well.

As for my part, I try to tell the nitty gritty of how to rank on search engines.

The best part is that we get to meet so many interesting people and hear about their businesses.  It’s really fun to think on our feet when the questions start rolling.

If you have a small business, this is a very well spent $30.  Hope to see you there!!

Some extra tips from the conference

Ty sent over his notes from the 2006 Webmaster World Pubcon conference in Las Vegas.  I went through them and pulled a few more gems out…

  1. For PPC, try providing an incentive to click.  Use words like “limited time, today only”, etc.
  2. Write seasonal messages in your PPC ads.
  3. For ecommerce sites, use an “Add to Cart” button instead of “Buy Now”.  It has proven to have better conversion rates.
  4. Having a “Hacker safe” has increased conversion rates by 5% according to A/B testing.
  5. Studies show that the eye focuses on the top left (above the fold).  So try putting your credit card logo, security and hacker safe images in these areas.
  6. Have large images of products.  Very important.
  7. Have a photo of the owner on the “About Us” page.

Nice ideas.  Thanks Ty!

(He had some other notes, but these are the ones that could probably benefit my clients and readers the most.)

Internet reaches 100 million sites milestone

Earlier this month CNN reported that the internet now has 100 million unique domain names and content on them.  Within that group, about half of them are “busy and updated more often”.

An internet marketing company named Netcraft arrived at this conclusion.  Interestingly, this is how they see the web growing…


The Fun we had in Vegas!

I finally made it back home from my week in Vegas.  I’m sure at least some of you might be wondering what we did for fun.  Well, here goes.  (This post has nothing to do with Internet Marketing.)

Although Ty flew from Wilmington, NC, we both ended up (more…)

E-commerce Site Optimization

Ty attended this entire session at PubCon.  But I got a few notes out of it.  I’ll try to get his notes later and add anything else that seemed beneficial.  The idea here is that they give a whole bunch of ideas on how to make your e-commerce site better.  Here is what I got so far.

  • Enhance your “about us” page.  One company found that 50% of users that purchase, visit that page. 
  • One idea for the “about us” page was to show (more…)

Press and Public Relations Online

After the keynote address by Danny, the Thursday morning session at PubCon was the most challenging to me.  Unfortunately, there were three different sessions that I was really wanting to enjoy.  They were all going on at the same time.  So I found myself walking between the three of them an gaining some benefits from all of them.  I’ll blog about two of them.

The first was about Press and Public Relations online.  Here are some interesting comments from the panelists.

Half of all online users in June 2006 visited (more…)

Danny Sullivan Keynote Address

Thursday morning started with Danny Sullivan’s keynote address.  Danny is probably the most knowledgeable person regarding search engines and the state of the industry in general.  He is a recognized expert in this field by the media, the courts, and the search engine experts.

I listen to Danny’s podcast on a regular basis and always enjoy his entertaining take on what is happening on the industry of search engines.  To be honest, I planned on just relaxing and not taking any notes on this session, but his comments were very revealing.  So here goes…


Search and Research – 2006 PubCon Vegas

This session was a “super-session” and was one of the ones I was looking forward to the most.  Why?  It is one of the only opportunities to learn the truth about where people are clicking and why.  These guys know their stuff and have the data to prove it.  The information can be applied to most any site.

A similar session a few months ago was incredibly interesting and some of the same people were on the panel.  So I purposely seeked out a good cup of coffee before I got a good seat toward the front of this conference.  I’m feeling good, so (more…)