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We’re Hiring – I Need a Video Guy

Here at HIPPO Internet Marketing Training, I’m desperately seeking some help to get setup for creating video.

I’ve got some big initiatives that will involve online video.  I want it to look good.  We want to do it on a reasonably low budget, yet move far beyond using a web-cam, iPhone, or flip camera.

Please, please, please…  If you know of anyone that can help us as listed below, please send them to this page.  I’m desperate and want to move quickly.  HONESTLY!


We’re in the process of securing a small studio and need help setting it up. 

1.  Most importantly, we need help with purchasing and setting up professional quality lighting.  This small studio will need to be permanently setup for use with either a white-board or a green-screen at any time.

2.  We also have several other rooms (see this link) at our disposal and will eventually want help learning how to best set them up for quality lighting, video & audio recording, and even live streaming.

3.  We may need assistance with microphone and camera selection for the above mentioned settings, while staying within budget.

4.  We need some basic support with using Sony Vegas software for video editing.

5.  NOTE:  We are only looking for a freelancer to give an hour or two here and there initially.  This is not a full-time or even part-time position.


1.  No need to send a resume.  Please simply send me an email (Corey at HippoIM dot com).

2.  Include your experience and interest level.  You must have experience working with lighting, audio, and video to be considered.

3.  Explain your general pricing.  In other words, if you have specific rates, let me know.  If you prefer doing some sort of exchange of services, or some other method, just tell me.  I’m sure we can work something out.


No problem.  But please forward this page, tweet it, facebook it, or do whatever you can to spread the word.  We want to get started QUICK.  We need someone that knows what they are doing.

Thank you in advance.

Corey Creed
HIPPO Internet Marketing Training

Video Blogging 101 with Steve Garfield

Over the past few months, I keep seeing the name Steve Garfield (of www.SteveGarfield.com).

I just finished enjoying his book “Get Seen” which was a fantastic run-down of the tips and tricks of online video.  (It’s a great book if you’re thinking of getting involved in doing video and posting it online.)

During this year’s Blog World Expo, I happened to bump into him a few times and even got the chance to thank him for the hard work he must have put into writing the book.

He also gave a session entitled Video Blogging 101 that I attended.

Steve seems to have a pleasant personality and it comes through in his videos and his presentations in person.  He talked positively about his mom’s blog and her “I can’t open it” video series.

He also gave some nice tips on video equipment.  He recommended the Zi8 Kodak camera, the Photojodo wide angle lens for iPhone, the LED simalight, and the Sennheiser shotgun mic.  All of these are nice products for producing quick videos as bloggers.

He also mentioned Music Alley for finding music that you can use in your videos.

Steve, if you’re reading this…  Thanks for the tips… and for your book.

If you are not Steve, please go buy his book.  You won’t regret it.

Leo Laporte Shows the Future of Media

NOTE:  Sorry this post auto-plays the video below.  I have no choice.  MyContent offers no other way.

The New Media Expo was in Las Vegas last weekend.  From what I can tell online, it was a huge success.

In particular, I especially enjoyed this keynote address by Leo Laporte of Tech TV.  In it, he shows where the future of media is heading.

You see, writing in a blog is easy.  In fact, creating video and recording audio is easy too.  So if someone has something interesting to say and does a great job presenting it, how can he (or she) get that content (media) out to more people via the Internet? (more…)

How to Become a Mini-celebrity Online

Over the last couple of years, instead of attending search engine conferences, I have been enjoying a very different kind of conference.  Two years ago, I attended Blog World Expo.  This past year, I attended New Media Expo.

Interestingly, they both combined for 2009 to make one incredible conference that I will definitely be attending this year in Las Vegas.  If you are going too, please let me know.

The one huge benefit of attending a conference like this is that it helps you appreciate what the future holds.  Online media (blogging, podcasting, and online video) which is named “New Media” is growing.  It’s taking viewership from traditional media (newspapers, magazines, radio, and television) which is typically referred to as “Old Media” or the more politically correct “Mature Media”.

And the side effect is mini-celebrities.  Seth Godin refers to these people as leaders in his book “Tribes”.  But with the ability to publish so easily online, it is easy to gain little followings.

How do you do it?  No one says it better than Gary Vaynerchuk.  If you are not familiar with Gary, check out his appearance on Conan O’Brien below.


Gary now has over 30K followers on Twitter and his videos are extremely popular.

How can you do this?  The true thought leaders have not emerged online yet.  There are mini-celebrities such as Seth Godin for marketing and Aaron Wall for SEO and Matt Cutts for Google. 

But what do you know?  What is your specialty?  You can become a mini-celebrity in your field.

How?  Gary tells us how better than anyone else. Here’s some great advice in his interview at that same conference I attended.

I have some other great advice from Gary Vaynerchuk here.  Check it out and you are on your way to becoming a mini-celebrity online.

Blogworld Expo 2007 in Las Vegas – Review

Attending the Blogworld Expo 2007 in Las Vegas was quite an experience.  I’ve attended several search engine conferences in the past, but this was very different.

The comments on how to use new media (blogging, podcasting, online video, etc.) and be effective was very enlightening.

Below is a wrap-up of the blogging I did during the two day.  Follow the links to learn more.

Specific to Hippo:

Blog World Convention – What I want!
What did I think of BlogWorld Expo 2007?
What BlogWorld 2007 meant for Hippo Internet Marketing

Sessions and keynotes:

Matt Mullenweg (founding developer of WordPress)
How to Build Your own Home Recording Studio
Steven Van Yoder – Get Slightly Famous
The “New Media” moguls speak at BlogWorld
Leo LaPorte – The future of New Media
Audio vs. Video Online
Mark Cuban – The final Keynote at BlogWorld

Vendors I met:

Lunch with ShoeMoney
UtterZ Looks Pretty Cool
Want to start an Online Talk Show?
WordPress Web Developer
Write in a Blog? Make it a Book!
Tools for Creating and Promoting your Podcast

Cherokee, NC Videos – See them and tell others!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians since 2005.  I’ve been working with their Internet marketing and search engine presence in harmony with the excellent work of The Goss Agency in Asheville, NC.

One of the more exciting things we’ve done is take some of the excellent videos they have done and place them on YouTube and Google Video. 

In particular, this first video has been watched over 320 times in less than a month.  It is regarding the Festival of Native American People held on July 19–21, 2007.

Check it out…

Now do me a favor.  We’re trying to get more attention to these videos, especially as they are pretty incredible.


The Ultimate Google Ad – Now online

If you do a Google search using the phrase BOURNE ULTIMATUM (click here) you will find a completely new type of advertising by Google.  It displays above the natural listings AND the paid listings.  It also involves a trailer video from YouTube. 

Once you click the ad, you are brought to a site that you need to login to using your Google account.  You then can go through the steps to basically play a game “to find Bourne”.

The ad is experimental and is to promote an upcoming movie (which looks pretty cool).

You can learn more about it and see screenshots at Search Engine Land.

In looking at the whole thing, you can’t help but wonder how far Google will go to get advertising dollars.  This is a pretty big move for them.  I’m sure we’ll continue to see more of this.

Google Video looks cool.

Google Video is now available to our clients.  We’re checking it out. 

It looks like a good idea for Cherokee.  They have some amazing video on their home page right now at www.Cherokee-NC.com.  I’m going to try to get it more attention across the web using Google Video and YouTube.

In researching it a little for a couple of clients, here’s are some tips you might find interesting…