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ITunes Gets Updated, but still hurts Podcasting

As of yesterday, iTunes sent out a new version 11. Some are heralding it as the iTunes you always wanted.

Let’s face it, Apple products are pretty nice. But their software has not been that great. For years now, iTunes has been clunky and weird. If you’re honest about it, you only like it because you are used to it.

Interestingly, this week’s TWiT podcast stated that Google has been great at Internet services, but not so great at design of physical products. Yet, Apple builds great products, but is not so good at software and Internet services. (more…)

Leo Laporte Shows the Future of Media

NOTE:  Sorry this post auto-plays the video below.  I have no choice.  MyContent offers no other way.

The New Media Expo was in Las Vegas last weekend.  From what I can tell online, it was a huge success.

In particular, I especially enjoyed this keynote address by Leo Laporte of Tech TV.  In it, he shows where the future of media is heading.

You see, writing in a blog is easy.  In fact, creating video and recording audio is easy too.  So if someone has something interesting to say and does a great job presenting it, how can he (or she) get that content (media) out to more people via the Internet? (more…)

Announcing our New Internet Marketing Podcast!

Can’t get enough of us?

Want more news, information, training, and commentary on search engines, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, new media optimization, and more?  If so, I’ve got good news for you, my friend.

Hippo Internet Marketing is now proud to present The Jungle Map Podcast – Your guide to Internet Marketing, because it’s a jungle out there!


Getting Started in Podcasting

Here are some more miscellaneous tips I learned about getting started podcasting. 

These tips mostly come from sessions and conversations while at New Media Expo 2008.  But I’m also including some facts I’ve gained in my research over the last few weeks.


When you are just getting started, just go get a USB microphone.  Most everyone starts this way and it’s easy and quick.  It sounds “good enough”. 

Most everyone starts with a Plantronics DSP-400 and they say it worked great, especially if you are doing phone interviews.


Use Audacity to edit your program.  Note:  Close Audacity whenever you make audio settings adjustments in your operating system (Win XP, Mac, etc.) 

Use Soundsoap 2 to remove any background white noise.  (Record 5–10 secconds of blank air time before and after talking for this purpose.)

Use Levelator to even out the volume of your entire program.


Be sure to setup a good file system for all files you use in creating your podcast.  Save all your original recordings.  Don’t change your folder system.  Backup all files periodically.

Recording Interviews

Use Skype.  It now works as good as being in person. 

Ideally, the participant will use Skype and a USB headset.  In fact, I recently read that Leo LaPorte (long time popular podcaster) asks his other participants (on TWIT) to use Skype and a Plantronics headset ($40) and will even mail them one if they don’t have one.

If your participant just wants to use the phone, that will work too.  Just use SkypeOut.  It is very inexpensive.  This sounds good, but not as good.

Note:  Brandon Uttley recently pointed me at a great video to watch if you really want to get into the absolute best setup for Skype.  It involves setting router settings for optimum results.

You can use CallBurner to record Skype calls.

You should have your participants review a waiver/release.  Here’s a good example.

Other configurations

As you get more advanced with podcasting, it is advantageous to have a slightly more complex setup. 

The SM-58 microphone is highly recommended by many for quality and durability.  Several other styles and varieties of microphones are available.  But don’t bother spending the money until you are sure you want to do this long-term.

Recorders, such as the Marantz PMD-600 will allow you to record without being worried about having your computer crash.

Edirol makes some nice portable digital recorders.


Some great resources for podcasters include Podcast Academy, the Podcast Answer Man and Podcast 411.

The new Podcasting for Dummies was highly recommended as well.

Use WordPress for Podcasting

WordPress has been a favorite program of mine for a while now.  We have several WordPress blogs and they work great.  So attending this session at the New Media Expo was a definite for me. 

How to go from using WordPress for just a blog to using it for a podcast was something I plan to do very soon.  Charles Stricklin from The WordPress Podcast gave this session on the topic.  He seems like a very helpful person and I enjoyed talking with him in person afterward.

Here are some important points from the session…

Why WordPress?

  • WordPress is the most used blogging platform.
  • It is free (open source)
  • It is also very well supported by the community
  • It has millions of users, designers, and coders.

To hinder hackers and thieves from hurting your site, rename your table prefix or restrict access to wp-content and wp-includes directories.  (I doubt I’ll do that.)  He also recommended using a limited account when posting.  In other words, don’t use the admin account regularly.  (This is easier.  I should do it.)

WordPress feeds are available for not only the entire blog, but for a particular tag or category.  (I did not know that!)

Use Feedburner.  (I did know that.)

To assist with the problematic “Digg effect” of running out of bandwidth due to popularity, use “WP Super Cache” plugin.

Other useful and necessary plugins are podpress and feedsmith.

For podcast hosting, try researching Podango, Hostmonster, Bluehost, or Dreamhost.

Blogworld Expo 2007 in Las Vegas – Review

Attending the Blogworld Expo 2007 in Las Vegas was quite an experience.  I’ve attended several search engine conferences in the past, but this was very different.

The comments on how to use new media (blogging, podcasting, online video, etc.) and be effective was very enlightening.

Below is a wrap-up of the blogging I did during the two day.  Follow the links to learn more.

Specific to Hippo:

Blog World Convention – What I want!
What did I think of BlogWorld Expo 2007?
What BlogWorld 2007 meant for Hippo Internet Marketing

Sessions and keynotes:

Matt Mullenweg (founding developer of WordPress)
How to Build Your own Home Recording Studio
Steven Van Yoder – Get Slightly Famous
The “New Media” moguls speak at BlogWorld
Leo LaPorte – The future of New Media
Audio vs. Video Online
Mark Cuban – The final Keynote at BlogWorld

Vendors I met:

Lunch with ShoeMoney
UtterZ Looks Pretty Cool
Want to start an Online Talk Show?
WordPress Web Developer
Write in a Blog? Make it a Book!
Tools for Creating and Promoting your Podcast