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Jason Dockery got Engaged! – February 22, 2006

As most of you know, Jason Dockery has been working here at Hippo Internet Marketing for almost three years now. He is not only a good worker, but a good friend. He’s been my right-hand-man here at the office and ends up doing most anything you can imagine to keep the business running well.

Jason started out with good Internet skills, but knowing very little about search engines and marketing. Now, he’s an expert at (more…)

Update to ordering Asheville Food Online

A few days ago, I posted about food ordering, takeout, and delivery to Asheville.  Here’s an update…

Last night, my wife was hungry and we did not feel like going out.  We ordered online via Blue Ridge to go  and everything worked as it should.  The first time you order, you need to call a specific phone number to confirm your order.  But it allows you to pay online, including tax and tip.

They gave us a time period of one hour to deliver the food.  Sure enough, someone came by about an hour later.  It’s a great service.

I can vouch for it personally now.


The Fun we had in Vegas!

I finally made it back home from my week in Vegas.  I’m sure at least some of you might be wondering what we did for fun.  Well, here goes.  (This post has nothing to do with Internet Marketing.)

Although Ty flew from Wilmington, NC, we both ended up (more…)