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How to Rank Higher in Google Local Listings

Lately, whenever you do a search for a local business in Google, they are very quick to show their top ten “Local business results” box (as shown below). 

But how can you rank better within those listings?


A month or two ago, I wrote a whitepaper that you can download here.

But several friends, colleagues, clients, and students were a bit overwhelmed by the eight page detailed description of the various tricks and tips that are expected to affect the rankings within that Google Local Listings ten-box.

Also, I recently enjoyed reviewing a SEO checklist that Clark Mackey from Better Findability over in Asheville made.  It got me thinking about checklists and how well they can work if you keep them simple.

So here you go.  Feel free to download this simple, easy-to-follow checklist on how to improve your rankings in Google Local Listings.  Unlike the full whitepaper, no registration is required.  Just click that link.

It should also work equally as well for Yahoo Local as it does for Google Maps (which is what the above box pulls from).

Let me know if you like it.  And if you do, be sure to also download the Local Search Engine Marketing How To Guide on our training site.

How to Get Your Local Business Listed on the Web

What an amazing find this is.

If you have a local business and you want to get more attention (and LINKS), please be sure to bookmark this excellent resource…

It is a Guide On How To Get Your Business Listed On Major Local Search Engines, Yellow Pages Sites and Social Local Networks by a blog named locally type(d).

I have not reviewed the entire thing, but will soon.  Overall, it’s the most comprehensive list I’ve ever seen on how to get listed on local search engines, yellow pages, and other similar sites.

Local Search Marketing

This session was the best one I attended a few months ago back in Boston.  So I was excited to hear that some of the same speakers would be on the panel.  This session at PubCon 2006 in Las Vegas was incredible.  Local search is hot and (more…)