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Mountain Media Ecommerce Websites – Why we love them!

As I wrote earlier, we’ve been looking for a good ecommerce provider for a loooooong time.

I’m happy to announce that Hippo Internet Marketing is now partnering with Mountain Media to create quality SEO websites for ourselves and our clients.  Keep reading to learn how you can get a significant discount on a high-quality search-engine-friendly website from Mountain Media.

Why Mountain Media?


Monster Commerce, Volusion, ProStores, etc. – an honest review

For about six months now, we have been reviewing various ecommerce solutions and content management systems (CMS).  We have several clients in need of a new website or a rewrite of a current website.  Some clients could use two, three, or more new websites. 

As a side thought, we have a couple ecommerce websites that Jason runs for me.  All of us are in this together, so I set out to do a thorough review.

To start with, here are the features I was looking for…

Some extra tips from the conference

Ty sent over his notes from the 2006 Webmaster World Pubcon conference in Las Vegas.  I went through them and pulled a few more gems out…

  1. For PPC, try providing an incentive to click.  Use words like “limited time, today only”, etc.
  2. Write seasonal messages in your PPC ads.
  3. For ecommerce sites, use an “Add to Cart” button instead of “Buy Now”.  It has proven to have better conversion rates.
  4. Having a “Hacker safe” has increased conversion rates by 5% according to A/B testing.
  5. Studies show that the eye focuses on the top left (above the fold).  So try putting your credit card logo, security and hacker safe images in these areas.
  6. Have large images of products.  Very important.
  7. Have a photo of the owner on the “About Us” page.

Nice ideas.  Thanks Ty!

(He had some other notes, but these are the ones that could probably benefit my clients and readers the most.)

E-commerce Site Optimization

Ty attended this entire session at PubCon.  But I got a few notes out of it.  I’ll try to get his notes later and add anything else that seemed beneficial.  The idea here is that they give a whole bunch of ideas on how to make your e-commerce site better.  Here is what I got so far.

  • Enhance your “about us” page.  One company found that 50% of users that purchase, visit that page. 
  • One idea for the “about us” page was to show (more…)

Is your e-commerce Hacker Safe?

Have you ever seen the “Hacker Safe” logo on an e-commerce site?

Today I got a phone call from ScanAlert, the company that handles offers the “Hacker Safe” service.  Basically, they scan your site every day and test it against “vulnerabilities”.  If they notice anything, they notify you and give you 72 hours to fix it.

As long as you keep your site safe against these vulnerabilities, they keep a logo on your site stating so.

The service costs about $179 per month with an additional $100 startup fee the first month.  Discounts apply if you pay a whole year in advance or if you are a Better Business Bureau member.  There are also discounts if you own a Monster Commerce site or Volusion site.  These discounts can get it down to as low as $999 per year.

Interestingly, she admitted that the true ROI is for sites that do about $10K to $15K profit per month.  In fact, they offer an online calculator to that effect.

If you have a high volume e-commerce site, it’s probably a good idea.

As I say in all my classes:

“Credibility is the currency of the Internet!”