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2012 Internet Marketing Forecast Wrap-Up

January 13th, 2012

Last night I was honored to have Brandon Uttley present the 2012 Internet Marketing Forecast with me at my meetup. He provided some valuable insights into the role of social media and what marketers need to be spending their time on this year. Hopefully, he will post some of his notes on his blog.

Here are some of the things I predicted. I have broken them into three categories.

General Technology Predictions

1. The “BIG FOUR” Internet companies have only begun to fight. These four will get real ugly with each other very soon: Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook/Microsoft.

2. MOBILE: The growth requires that marketers pay attention and test their sites for mobile usage. But marketing to people’s phones is challenging due to the personal nature of them. You need to have something they want and ask for.

3. VIDEO: The growth online will obviously continue. But the use of apps and Internet channels on televisions will also present opportunity to content creators.

4. TABLETS: The 7″ tablet market will explode this year. The $199 tag on the Kindle Fire will be the starting point. The price will go down so that almost anyone can and will buy one eventually. It’s a great size for media – books, videos, etc. Marketers need to make sure their site looks good on this platform.

Online Marketing Predictions

1. The greatest opportunity in 2012 is BEHAVIORAL MARKETING. In other words, targetting your audience based on what they do, not what they search on or the content of the page they are looking at. Prices for display advertising will rise as this popularity grows. Get in now by doing Google AdWords Remarketing and start testing.

2. Google and other businesses will continue their trend of providing less data and details to marketers (unless they do paid advertising). Therefore, ONLINE MARKETING WILL GET HARDER. The difference between experienced and tallented Internet marketers and those that aren’t will be more obvious.

3. Given the above, Online marketers will continue to be in HIGHER DEMAND. This is also due to the economy leveling out. We’re seeing this trend already.

NOTE: Several in the audience are hiring. It’s a good time to be an online marketer.

Skill Demand Predictions

1. As marketers, the single most important skill we need to all improve on as an industry is turning time and money into leads. To be more specific, getting qualified emails.

2. The next most important skill that is needed is CREATING PRODUCTS AND OFFERS that our leads want and need. Sell them what they want. But also give them what they need. Marketers need to move past just selling what our clients have and encouraging them to create and offer what their target audience wants.

3. Lastly, we need to get better at turning leads into customers. This is the least important and the easiet when you do the first two well.

PS: I’d love to hear your comments on any of the above. Agree or disagree?