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How to Learn Everything about Email Marketing

April 28th, 2007

Among Business to Business marketers, 29.1% feel that the impact of email marketing is increasing slowly and 40.0% feel it is increasing significantly!  (This is according to a recent survey by Marketing Sherpa).

Email marketing is not dead!  It is still a powerful force in the world of internet marketing and its impact is GROWING.

Personally, for a while now, I’ve known that I need to educate myself more about email marketing.  I’ve gone to several conferences about Search Marketing, but have not done the same for email.

Since PubCon in November, I have been looking for an email marketing conference to attend.  I’m kicking myself for missing the Marketing Sherpa one, but I found out too late.

So how can a person learn everything about Email Marketing?

For the last six months, I’ve been printing and filing every piece of information I could get my hands on.  This included a 100 page ebook by EmailLabs, several ClickZ and Marketing Sherpa articles, about 100 pages worth of whitepapers from The Email Experience Council, several cutouts from internet magazines I get, and many, many other sources.  In total, it was probably over 250 pages of information.

Then today (Saturday) at about noon, I cleaned off my desk, made a big pile of all the papers I’ve saved, put a good Ray Charles album on my ZUNE player on my computer, and went for it.  Oh yea, a full can of Red Bull at about 1 PM and a coffee (reheated from this morning) at about 7 PM helped the process as well.  My wife forced me to go to dinner with her, but that was probably for my own good as well.

I read, highlighted, sorted, etc.

So did I learn everything about email marketing?


I definitely educated myself dramatically.

It’s always amazed me how much information is available for free on the web if you just know where to look.  For those of us that love to read and research, entire fields of knowlege can be available to us.

For the rest of you, try signing up for my newsletter on my new site: Hippo Internet Marketing Training.  I will soon have a class you can attend for a day or two.  That way you can learn all you need to know about Email Marketing (without having to drink Red Bull).


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