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My 2012 Internet Marketing Prediction

December 27th, 2011

2012 Marketing TrendsIn a few weeks, Brandon Uttley and I will be presenting our Annual 2012 Internet Marketing Forecast.  I hope you’ll attend.  We have a blast doing this and it is always interesting (and entertaining).

In preparing for it, I’ve thought long and hard about what has worked in 2011.  I’m also thinking a lot about what’s working now and what will come soon.

I’ll talk more about it at the free event.  But as a sneak preview, the new advertising opportunities that Facebook presents, connected with AdWords re-targeting, along with keyword research via scraping autocompletes holds incredible potential.

Sound confusing?  It’s not, really.  However, it is a new way of thinking.  Also, a lot of it is new.  So, if you have not been keeping up on exactly how to market on Facebook or how to take advantage of the new opportunities with Google AdWords, please take note.

These new forms of advertising online are hot subjects and have great potential to most businesses.  If you’d like to learn more about them, I’m going in to more specific detail at the Charlotte SEO Meetup I’m hosting and speaking at on Thursday, January 5 titled The Latest Opportunities in Behavioral Marketing.