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To 10 Ideas for Spreading Word of Mouth

April 15th, 2007

Almost everyone knows that Word of Mouth Marketing is some of the best marketing possible.  The difficult part is starting it. 

Here are my favorite ideas for spreading Word of Mouth (WOM)…

1.  Make a market advisory council.  Pick the people that are most influential and likely to talk about you.  Ask them for their ideas on marketing your product or service.

2.  Send a free product (such as a book).  Send two.  Ask them to pass the extra one on to anyone who might like it.

3.  Blog about your customers.  Show them you appreciate them.

4.  Ask your customers to talk about you.  (How simple is that?  Yet, we often fail to do so.)

5.  Make friends with bloggers.  Better yet, ask your friends to become bloggers.

6.  Build a “tell a friend” option into your website pages.

7.  Release exclusive “insider information” to your customers and friends.  Encourage them to tell others.

8.  Release press releases through services like PRWeb and PRLeap.

9.  Comment on other people’s blogs.

10.  Partner with your target evangelists (those you want to talk about you) on bigger projects that are important to them.

See any ideas you like?

See anything you can implement?

Try it!  By the way, much of this information comes from my research and reading up on the Word of Mouth Marketing Association.  Check them out when you get a chance.

But first, do you know anyone else who would benefit from this list? 

Please tell them.