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5 Fundamentals for Online Audio and Video

September 27th, 2011

Five TipsI’m a strong believer in setting annual goals.

Internet marketing and social media tend to take up our entire day, week, month, and year.  Next thing you know, the years roll by and you may notice that you got nothing accomplished.  I don’t like that feeling.

So personally, I set goals for each calendar year and try to focus on a particular aspect of my business.  This resets every year.

For me, 2011 is for online audio and video creation.

It is a subject that I think had great potential and is extremely interesting.  I’ve invested in some expensive (but valuable) training and equipment.  I even rented and setup a small studio at my office.  I’ve launched both Hippo Academy and Social Fresh Academy, which are primarily video-based online training.  I’m even making my way through learning Audacity for audio and Sony Vegas for video editing.

What I’ve learned so far will benefit my business and my students.

The year’s not over, yet here are some observations that I think will benefit you.

1. The key is the writing.  
Some get involved in doing podcasts and video online because they don’t want to write.  But the best stuff involves writing good scripts and outlines.  Success online depends on writing, pretty much no matter what.  If you are a poor writer, practice.

2. Next comes lighting.
The most frustrating part of doing video is getting the lighting right.  It’s so important and at times so difficult that involving an experienced person is almost always critical when starting.  It’s very difficult to learn on your own.

3. Audio editing is hard to explain
Basic audio editing in a program like Audacity is fairly simple.  But I’ve had several people explain compression to me and it’s just starting to make sense.

4. To get better on camera, nothing beats practice
Some do have natural talent in this area.  But even the experts explain that you need to spend a lot of time on camera or in front of a mic to get good.

5. Editing is extremely time-intensive
Besides maybe lighting and practice, good editing is what really makes your audio or video shine and look professional.  The actual process of this requires time.  It involves so much time, that is’s hard to imagine somoene that is good in front of the camera or microphone and also a good editor.  (See prevoius point.)

Given all of the above, I’ve determined that to get inolved in audio and video online, you need to understand the basics of all this stuff.  But to get really good from a marketing prospective, the key is writing.  After that, if you want to be the one on camera, you need to practice.

Lastly, to do the above, you can only go so far without hiring or training an editor.  I’m convinced that this is something you need to have a team in place for.

That being said, I think it’s time for online marketers and good editors to start getting to know each other and start working together more, especially locally.

(More on that later. This post is getting too long.)