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Kayla Souliere – She is here now

September 27th, 2011

I’m happy to announce that we have a new hire here at HIPPO Inc.

This may not sound exciting to most, but we are absolutely a family business so new hires don’t happen often. As most of you know, my wife handles the financial stuff and taxes. The only other employee we have is Jason Dockery. Jason is practically family to us. He was a good friend before he ever worked for HIPPO and now he has been with us for about seven years (I think).

At any rate, we’re continuing the tradition with Kayla. She’s my sister’s daughter. So she’s not just an employee, but a very dearly loved member of the family. She’s also the first member of my family that has moved down to North Carolina. The rest of them are all still up in Milford, Massachusetts.

(I also have one grandmother in Delaware. Her name is Grammy Goodhart. Great name for a grandmother, eh?)

We’re thrilled to have Kayla with us. She’s doing a great job already, despite all the changes she’s been through lately. See, she got married on August 20, went on her honeymoon, relocated from Massachusetts to North Carolina, moved into her new apartment, and started her new job on September 8. All of this is her first time away from her parents.

Kayla Souliere and Josh Souliere

Kayla will mostly be working with the e-commerce side of Hippo Inc, but I’m sure she’ll be helping me with some marketing training projects as well.

As you can see from the picture, she has not been here long and she (and her husband Joshua Souliere) already discovered Brooklyn Boys Pizza in Mooresville, NC!

Feel free to welcome her in the comments below. (We’ll try to get her on Twitter, etc soon.) The Charlotte area is a great place to live and I’m sure she’ll feel welcome here.