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Jason had a FIT this weekend!

March 19th, 2007

Technically, he bought a Fit this weekend. It’s a black 2007 Honda Fit Sport and he loves it.

It’s a pretty cool car and my wife and I got to see it when his fiancee Molly was driving it around this weekend. If you want to see what they look like, you can see some sample Honda Fit pictures here.

Internet Marketing and buying cars

The whole process of how Jason bought a new car is quite an experiment on the future of buying cars using the Internet (and other things).

He can elaborate in the comments of this post if he wants, but the short story is that he had some ideas of what he wanted in a car and started researching online.

Jason is an avid Internet shopper. He and my wife are probably the two most avid online shoppers I have ever met. Sandy specializes in finding unique items. Jason’s specialty is finding the best price and informative reviews.

His research led him to the Honda Fit. He then went out and test drove one. That got him hooked. The next step was to find the various local Honda dealerships online and check their inventories.

NOTE: He did not end up buying from the place he did the test drive at. In fact, it was another dealership that worked with him to get exactly what he wanted at the best deal.

The process of buying cars online

Both Jason and my wife have bought new cars in the last six months.

Both did it the same way. I’m sure many others are doing the same.

1. Research online

2. Test drive locally

3. Send online requests to local dealers

4. Communicate with the dealer with the best customer service and online “netiquette”.

5. Buy it from the dealer that is able to get you the exact car you want at a decent price. NOTE: Not necessarily the best price. Getting the car you want and good customer service are more important and almost always are.

The future of buying cars online

Time again for Corey’s predictions! (If you are tired of my opinions, stop reading now.)

It’s really not so much a prediction as an observation.

  • As more and more of the public use the Internet to start their research, online reputation will be critically important.
  • Local dealerships will be used for test drives only. Keeping a large stock of cars in house will not be that important.
  • Customer service and online response time will become more and more important.
  • The ability to get cars from other dealers and/or the factory in order to fill specific requests will be critically important for success.

The Best Honda Dealership in North Carolina?

Both Jason and my wife were extremely pleased with Morganton Honda. They both dealt with Ken Hall and he was very helpful and pleasant.

(They had quite the opposite experience with the local Asheville Honda dealership.)

Jason’s thoughts?

I’ll end this post now and leave it for Jason to post his additional comments below.