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The Inside Story behind Hippo Academy

April 20th, 2011

By now, you have probably noticed that I launched Hippo Academy on April 19.

The launch involves making three videos and then a sales page.  The first video is giving some general ideas of why you can believe me.  The next video will explain the actual details of the academy and why it will work for you.  The third video will answer any questions that come up.

But you want the inside scoop, right?

The reality is that I stopped teaching my classes about six months ago for two reasons.  First, they were not growing.  Even with all the networking, marketing, advertising, and word of mouth, I was still only getting about 3–7 students each class.  Also, as much as I love helping people and leading a class, the content was getting repetitive for me.

So everyone was telling me to move my classes online.  That seemed boring to me.  But it is what people wanted.  But even though it’s what people say they want, it’s not what they really need.  I’ve had over 100 students.  I spend considerable time with each one.  I know what they need…

They don’t just need training, they need advice.

Internet marketing training is plentiful on the web. But most of it sucks, especially the free stuff.  Some is good.  Most is not.  It’s not from people that actually own businesses and struggle with the day to day problems of finding clients that pay well, not wasting your time, and knowing what to do first.

Most people need someone to hear their situation, what they’ve done, and where they want to go.  Then they need someone to help them know what to do next for THEIR situation.

People need strategy.

Let’s face it. Most people can figure out anything online.  Google and others purposely make it easy to do things on their site (and to give them your credit card).  But what should students do first?  What works for THEIR business?

That’s why Hippo Academy is what it is.  I have not released the details yet, but I’m about to explain that the initial charter members will not just get access to training videos.  I’m going to include one-on-one consulting, which will include strategy sessions and advice specific for what they want to do.  It will also include some networking opportunities to learn from each other.

That’s what I love to do.

Don’t get me wrong.  Teaching is great.  But actually helping people is what gets me excited.  To really help people, nothing works better than just sitting down with them and sharing what works and what doesn’t.  In return, I always learn from them as well.

I love doing that.

And that’s the Inside Scoop behind Hippo Academy.  Honest.

PS:  If you know someone that you think this would help, please send them to www.Hippo-Academy.com.  Most of my readers of this blog know me personally.  I’m sorry if the site looks a little cheesy to you.  I’m new at making video and am learning a lot.  But you know I have a sincere interest in helping people.  It’s the core of who I am.

At any rate, the offer will only be open for a week or so.  So don’t wait.  It will be too late very soon.  I will probably not re-open for 3–6 months after.