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Charlotte is on fire. Here are some GREAT upcoming events!

March 22nd, 2011

For those of you in the Charlotte area that are into marketing, we’ve got some great events coming up.  Here’s the ones that are catching my attention.

(I’m attending the ones in RED.  I’d like to attend them all and recommend them all, but I just don’t have the time.  I’m working on my new academy.)

Jason Keath – Wed, March 23 11:30 AM – PRSA

Jason Keath (of Social Fresh) is going to be talking about Blogger and Influencer Outreach at PRSA.  Here are the details.

NOTE:  I’m a little late getting the word out on this one.  It looks like it may be sold out.  But if you want to attend, let me know.  I can probably get you in.

Blogger Outreach –  Thu, March 24 7:30 AM –  SMCLT

This month’s Charlotte Social Media Breakfast is covering this topic with a nice panel.  Here’s the link.

Jeffrey Gitomer –  Mon, March 28 6 PM – Charlotte IMA

Jeffrey Gitomer is a renowned author on sales and marketing.  He is releasing his new book on social media at this event.  Here’s the details.

NOTE:  This should be a very interesting event.  It’s free, too.  Give credit to the guys at Charlotte IMA for pulling in a big name and a sponsor to make this free for you and I.

Jerry West –  Thu, March 31 7 PM –  HIPPO Meetup

You may not have heard of Jerry West.  But if you know anything about SEO, you will love this interview.  I only have room for about 80 people, so it will likely fill up.

NOTE:  Check out the description here.  This one is going to be pretty amazing.  Jerry is going to discuss and reveal some pretty powerful stuff about the Google algorithm.

SEO and Social Media Panel –  Thu, April 7 6:30 PM –  SEMCLT

I’m going to be on this one with Roy Morejon, Scott Hepburn, and Dani Burns.  Here’s the details and how to attend.

NOTE:  We’re going to talk about why search brings money and social media just wastes time.  (Actually, it’s a bit of a debate.  I’m practicing.)