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Google AdWords Negative Keywords – Why you need them

March 12th, 2007

Google AdWords Pay Per Click Marketing is a great way to get more qualified traffic to your site. If you are not doing so already, you should be.

If you are already doing so, you need to pay attention to and setup negative keywords.

Here’s how.

In the box where you enter your keywords, simply enter the keywords you don’t want to be listed for with a – in front.

In the below example, we are bidding on the words WATERFALL and WATERFALL. But, we don’t want our ad to show up if someone types in “Waterfall animation” or “backyard waterfall” or “waterfall diet”.

Therefore, we enter…


But we include negative keywords as


Below, you can see this (and many other negative keywords)…


The result is that your ad is not clicked on by people who are not looking for what you offer. They can’t. The ad won’t even show up. More importantly, your ad will be shown less. Less impressions will likely mean more clicks per impressions. The higher your click thru rate, the better your ad will place. In other words, better position for the same cost.


To determine which keywords are likely to be typed in with your target phrase, try using these keyword tools. I’ve been doing some PPC for one of our newer clients and these tools have been invaluable, especially Keyword Discovery. I pay $75 per month for it and at times I want to cancel (when my credit card statement comes in). But then, I find it invaluable when doing research such as the above.


A friend of mine is now releasing his new site that sells bow ties. In doing so, we wanted to start a pay per click campaign. We bid on bow tie. Big deal, right? But guess what keyword phrase gets typed in a lot? Bow Tie Pasta.

(Not our target audience.)

The solution? Negative keywords! Use -pasta and his ad will not show up for all the recipe seekers and other chefs.

You get the idea.


If you still have questions, please contact me. Negative Keywords are the way to go!

(Be sure to use them on Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter as well.)