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Use Quintura for (LSI) Keyword Research

March 2nd, 2007

If you work with search engines, you work with keywords.

If you work with keywords, you need to know about Quintura.

I’ve been using this website and the downloadable software they offer to compliment all of my keyword research over the past six months or so.

What makes Quintura unique is that they show visually what additional keywords are generally associated with your keywords. Therefore, it’s an excellent way to discover new keywords that are “associated” with the ones you already know about.

In other words, Quintura is a visual tool to help you with “Latent Semantic Indexing” (LSI).

What is LSI?

LSI is a confusing sounding term and a concept that can be very complicated, yet has an easy explanation. So please don’t give up. Keep reading…

Originally, search engines would only read the words on a page and rank for those words. But now, with LSI, they can look at its entire index of web pages and learn that certain words generally have other words in the same context.

For example:

When “apple” and “computer” are used together, “Mac OS” may come up, as opposed to “banana” or some other fruit.

Who cares?

If you work with search engines and keywords, it is good to know which keywords are associated with your “target keyword phrases”. Using those words in your copy, or even targeting these additional keywords can enhance your opportunities for quality traffic.

For more info, see this brief interview with Mike Grehan.
(Mike is a search engine guru and one of my favorite speakers to listen to.)

For fun, go type your favorite keyword (or keyword phrase) into Quintura.