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Jason Dockery got Engaged! – February 22, 2006

February 26th, 2007

As most of you know, Jason Dockery has been working here at Hippo Internet Marketing for almost three years now. He is not only a good worker, but a good friend. He’s been my right-hand-man here at the office and ends up doing most anything you can imagine to keep the business running well.

Jason started out with good Internet skills, but knowing very little about search engines and marketing. Now, he’s an expert at creating Pay Per Click campaigns, managing our hosting, creating monthly client reports, and handling most any issue that needs addressing. More recently, he has primarily been responsible for running the eCommerce projects we have here in-house.

This past week was a very special week for Jason Dockery! After dating for quite a while, he asked his girlfriend (Molly Barry) to marry him. Molly is a wonderful and beautiful person and is a good friend to Sandy and I as well. They make an excellent couple and compliment each other’s personality nicely.

According to Molly, she didn’t make it too easy on him. Every time he started complimenting her, she would change the subject. So after repeated tries, he finally actually got around to “popping the question” after dinner was over – in the parking lot, last Thursday.

At any rate, the ring is beautiful and both of them are extremely happy. They have not set a final date as to when the wedding will be, but they are talking like it may be as soon as early May.

I know that most all of our clients, colleagues, and co-workers have had at least some interaction with Jason, so please feel free to join me in congratulating him by signing in below and adding a comment to him. You can also email him if you like.

Congratulations, Jason, my friend!