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Advanced Twitter at #Pubcon Vegas 2010

November 10th, 2010

Of course, Pubcon is not really about social media that much, that is what other events like Social Fresh and Blog World Expo are famous for. But I went to a little session on Twitter anyway.

The funniest part is that Jerry West was moderating it. He’s not exactly a Twitter fan-boy but rather an expert affiliate SEO. (I had to tease him at lunch about it.)

At any rate, Brian Breslin from Infinimedia Inc is up first.

He mentioned a few tools you may want to check out..
Assistly.com – Good for listening to customers.
SocialToo.com – Good for auto-follow, unfollow bulk, etc.
Tweethopper.com – Simple bots
Manageflitter.com – Unfollow your non-followers

Dan Zarella from Hubspot is next.

He shows the products that Twitter has purchased and implemented into their own company. He feels strongly that the direction of Twitter is that they are going to move more toward owning all that is involved in using Twitter.

Overall, the session was not too insightful. One panelist was missing and we let out early and beat the very long lunch line. I was happy because I’m still not feeling well and was happy to not stand in line any longer than I had to.