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What “Grammar Girl” Taught me about Evergreen Content

October 17th, 2010

Probably the most interesting person I met at Blog World Expo 2010 was “Grammar Girl”.  Her real name is Mignon Fogarty.  I first met her and a couple others at lunch on Friday.

Since July 2006, Mignon has been doing a weekly podcast that is about 5–10 minutes long about common grammar questions called Grammar Girl – Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing.  It is part of the Quick and Dirty Tips Network, which she owns.

Although we only had brief conversations, Mignon is clearly a friendly and humble person.  She was a pleasure to speak with and we struck up a few brief conversations about podcasting and content after a couple of sessions.

She also was on a panel called “Expirable vs Evergreen Content”.  She and Jeffrey Powers explained the benefits of creating podcast content that can last (evergreen) and not be date sensitive (expirable).

They both made some great points.  The one fact I found most interesting is that after four years, Grammar Girl’s archived shows make for over 70% of incoming traffic.  Creating and archiving content that is not date-dependant is something definitely worth thinking about.

As I continue to work out the details of my plans for content in 2011, I’m hoping I can talk Mignon into having a brief phone conversation with me to discuss them.  She’s clearly an intelligent, yet humble person.

Oh, and just in case Mignon is reading this, I appologize in advance for any spelling or grammar mistakes on this post (and any others)!