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Apps are Taking Over!

October 16th, 2010

It’s Saturday morning, October 16, 2010 at Blog World Expo. The morning keynote was fantastic and I’ll try to share some of that info later.

But now I’m now in a presentation named “The Web Browser is Dead, The Apps are Taking Over”. (Catchy title, even if it is a bit extreme.) Interestingly, the room is totally full, likely because the keynote speakers yesterday were speaking very highly about the future of apps.

Why are people using Apps?
Customized to a need
Customized to an audience
Better at delivering content

Why build an App?
Keep your audience
Attract new readers
Go beyond web page interaction
It’s the future!

Things apps can do that web pages can’t
Offline viewing
Protect your content
Secure feedback
Better Mobile Ad Revenue
Paying is Normal

NOTE: Apple App Store names are like domain names. Now is time to “claim your name”. Get your 1.0 name out there. You can always make newer versions.

Content ideas for apps
Articles (RSS Blog Feed)
Event notification
Utility that matches content
Live content
and much more…

SIDE NOTE: He’s now showing examples of various apps, which is fairly interesting. However, the guy behind me just fell asleep and woke himself up snoring. What a riot! Now back to our program…

The presenter is showing his current app named MacMost. He’s got some pretty good stuff in there. I like the way it works and will need to check it out.

Options for Building an App
Program it yourself
Hire a programmer
Use an App builder

How to find a developer
Outsourcing Sites
Local networking (Try Meetup.com)
Look for apps like yours, contact the developer
Ask your audience

Build-it-Yourself Systems

How to develop an app strategy? Ask your audience. Ask them what they want and what would they like to see on it. Ask them what their favorite apps are. Tweet about it, send a survey, etc.

MY COMMENTS: Apps are absolutely HUGE! Throughout the conference, everyone is talking about the potential and power of having your own app and driving people toward them.