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Scott Stratten says: Blog with passion!

October 14th, 2010

It is time for the opening keynote address at Blog World Expo 2010. I’ve already gotten to meet some very interesting people before it started.

Scott’s keynote is named “Stand up, Stand out, Stand together”. It is about the importance of blogging with passion and emotion.

Who is Scott Stratten? He is the author of the book “Unmarketing – Stop Marketing, Start Engaging”. He goes by the same name on Twitter. He is giving a opening keynote address with a T-shirt and sandals on. (That is the nature of Blog World Expo. It is fun.)

“Marketing is not a task.” It is not a department. It is every time anyone has a touch with you or your company. The individuals that are at your “front counter” are your marketing.

How do we get people to spread our blog posts? Make something awesome. People spread awesome. Don’t mistake frequency of blogging with quality. Blog when you have something to say. If you aren’t passionate about what you blog, don’t blog. When you don’t blog awesome, you stop people reading your blog. “People don’t spread meh”. If your post is just “meh”, it does not get spread.

The reason people spread things has not changed. People spread emotion. HOW they spread things changes. Some use Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. These things can get you traffic. Social bookmarking still works, for example.

People ask me what is the next big thing? I say that the things we do now suck. Let’s get better at what’s now. We have had great tools for years. Stop being so fancy pants and get better at what is available today. Social media is about talking. People talk about what’s awesome. It’s that easy.

“It is not my job to tell people how to consume my product, I just want them to consume it.” Stop pushing your RSS feed icon. People use email. Also, if you do not have your blog mobile-enabled, you are losing readers. (Over 150 of the 500 million facebook users use it via mobile regularly.) Pull your blog up on your phone, then pull it up on other phones you don’t own. Make sure that works.

He is now lecturing us on not to write just for SEO, not to use AdWords (it causes people to leave), don’t use difficult captha codes, and not to include popups when your visitors go to leave your site. (He is making people laugh and I guess most people here do need to hear this stuff.) No offense, but it’s a bit elementary to me.

“Social Media Success Doesn’t Exist.” Social media is just a vehicle. If your product sucks, social media makes it suck worse. If your stuff is great, it makes it better. It simply makes what you do louder. If you hate people, social media is a bad place to be. If you hate your target market, don’t talk to them. Social media is just conversations.

People do business with those they Know, Like, & Trust. (One of my favorite quotes.) So true.

Scott did about 7,000 tweets in one month a couple years ago. (That’s over 200 per day.) About 75% were replies. He ended up with thousands of followers. (No real surprise there, either. However, I personally think that worked better a year or two ago. Quantity does not work as well as quality, now.

He is now explaining how to handle trolls. For those that say mean things to you online, don’t reply to them. They have few followers and if you engage them, you are giving them attention they don’t deserve. Let them hate.

Blog with passion. Ignore the haters.

MY COMMENTS: Overall, it was a nice keynote. The content was a little elementary to me. But then again, there are probably a lot of newbies here. Scott seems to be a little cocky and extreme. Then again, that is what works well online.