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YSM Now Accepting Invitations

October 17th, 2006

How cool is this?  Right while I am building my new new blog, I get an email that Yahoo Search Marketing is now accepting invitations to the new sponsored search. 

Click here for the Yahoo! New Sponsored Search Early Invitation

Of course, I signed up immediately and am looking forward to seeing the new arrangement.  I’ll keep you updated on what to expect.

It looks as if they will be taking this in stages.  We’ve all been hoping that the new method for using YSM would not just be some new features, but a complete overhaul.  The fact that they are taking users over a few at a time leads me to believe this is the case.  (See the Upgrade Center they have created.)

Also, the changing of how bidding will work will change later.  They say:

There will be no change to the way ads are ranked through the remainder of 2006; they will continue to be ranked by bid as they are today. Early next year, we will change the way ads are ranked, taking ad quality into account as well as bid. More detailed information will be provided regarding this change before it occurs.

Pretty cool that the announcement hits at the very moment I am starting my blog.  Great timing, Yahoo!