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We Need a Charlotte Area Freelance Web Designer

February 16th, 2010

Here at Hippo Internet Marketing, we’re looking for a local web designer with e-commerce design experience.  (Technically, the Hippo Inc side of my business is in need, not the Internet marketing training side.)

We’re not looking to hire, and it’s not a big job.  However, we are doing more and more with Magento in particular.  So, we’d like to have someone local that we can call upon.  

What we need…

Although we have some specific work now, we are really hoping to find someone that we can call upon for years to come as things come up.

For now, we have a couple of specific projects in the pipeline.

One is pretty much done, but we could use a little more help with fine-tuning our product pages and creating more of a custom look for them.

The other site is in need of a new template overall.  We’re entering all the data quickly and will need someone to take the basic ideas we have and create a new overall design and implement it.

As time goes on, we may need some help with designing some of the content-heavy pages also.

Bottom line?  The work will be off and on, but if you are good, fairly quick, and offer a reasonable price, we may work together for a long, long time.


1.  Freelancers only please.  We’re not looking to hire a company, but a person that can be available to help us when we need them (within reason).

2.  You must have experience in working with Magento e-commerce.

NOTE:  We’re primarily looking for a designer, not a programmer.  We have a good programmer on board.  We need a designer, but with some Magento experience.

If you are interested…

Please drop an email to Corey@Hippo-Inc.com.

  • Include your basic contact information (or a link to it).
  • Include your history & experience in e-commerce web design.
  • Include examples of sites you’ve worked on (or a portfolio link)
  • Include your typical cost structure.

NOTE:  Please don’t bother calling me.  For those of you that know me, you know why.  If you don’t know me, you can learn why it’s no use calling me on March 4 here.