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New “Taking Clients” Class is Now a Reality

October 23rd, 2009

We’ve been teaching SEO, AdWords, Blogging, and now Social Media Marketing for about two years, now.  It’s been my pleasure to see many students “get it” and do extremely well for their own businesses.

Yet, more and more of my students are wanting to help other businesses.  Internet marketing works well for them and they would like to help other businesses do the same.  They want to “take clients”.

Personally, I’ve been taking clients since early 2003.  My business has grown to the point where I’m not taking any new ones.  (I just do a little consulting.)  But I’ve learned a lot about how to get clients and how to work for clients in a way that is mutually beneficial and profitable.

So…  (drum-roll please)

We’re now adding a new one-day class on Taking Clients.

The first one will be held in two weeks on Friday, November 6.

The price is for this first class will be $149 and we are limiting attendees to only five.  The price will go up after the first one.

Learn more here and register here if interested.